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blog giveaway...

A cool pair of ceramic components
were donated from Amy

The possibilities are endless! Earrings?

Links on a necklace or bracelet?

Here's an idea of size... they are about the size of a quarter, little bigger.

So the rules are, leave a comment on this
post, and let me know how you would use
these funky connectors in your jewelry design.
I'd also love to see what the winner creates with these, so if you win, promise you'll send me photos!!

I'll pick a random winner on Thursday May 14th!

Stay tuned for my next blog giveaway (will be announced May 18th, my birthday!) : A lovely set of lampwork glass beads from Magda!


  1. Hmm, if they're not too heavy I might make earrings. Otherwise, I'm thinking a bracelet with some really pretty green vintage beads I have with brass findings!

  2. I'm not a jewelry creator...envy those that do...but have a very dear friend who does. I would have her make these beauties into dangling gorgeous!!

  3. well, i'm not a big jewelry designer as you are, love your creations...i would probably dangle one of my beads in the center of each bead and then group them together on a simple leather cord to wear as a necklace...

    oh, i like that idea...i sure hope i win!...

  4. Ooh! I love these. Actually, I think they would go in a bracelet if I were to win them. I am loving bracelets right now, maybe because it's finally warm enough to put away long sleeves and show off those wrists!

  5. I love them! I would use pretty seed beads to connect them into a necklace or bracelet...Kind of a chain link-type bracelet where the links alternate between these ceramic beads and links made of seed beads (caise you know I am a seed bead junkie...)...

  6. Hey, you share the same birthday as my husband! Good day :)

    And if the random # generator picks me, click it again so someone else gets a chance to play with those wonderful ceramic beads!

  7. Heyya Lorelei I would use one of the lime green connectors as a hanging focal, and then somethings dangling from that!

  8. Wow these are so awesome! I've been playing catch up on your blog today. Studio looks fab by the way. WHAT AN AWESOME CABINET. I've always been on the hunt for dental cabinets (same idea with the 1-2" thick drawers...but that THAT is the ultimate. . . and now I have something else to pine for!

    If I were YOU I would make bracelets. I have dubbed you the queen of bracelet making...something I seem to shy away from for some reason. I would probably work these into a necklace with several strands, make it a toggle and bar clasp or do something really fun in a brooch. :) Have a great weekend!


  9. Really nice components. I would make a necklace with those. I like the size, shapes, and colors.
    Maybe a bracelet too. Remember your Mother...its her day on Sunday!

  10. Anonymous5/08/2009

    I would definately use it in a necklce.

  11. Hello! I would make a bracelet from these beautiful link! And connect them using brass jumprings...big ones WITH another "ring" made from seed beads....kind of like a chain-link bracelet! And finish with a great Vintaj toggle! Creams and brown colors of seed beads! OH! I like these~


  12. I'd probably use them as links on each side of a necklace, and string multiple strands between them.

  13. I think I'd be inclined to make a necklace out of them. I have some lime-dyed howlite beads that would go perfect with them.

  14. I'm thinking bracelet too, with brass and lampwork beads, of course!

  15. I'm thinking...the eye part of a hook and eye clasp. Nice components!

  16. I like these very much! I would like to make earrings out of them .

  17. I have no idea how I would use them, but I'd still like to win them, haha.

  18. I could see using each of them as a focal point in a neclave, with natural brass charms and fun beads hanging from each one.

  19. Hhhmmm...two ideas, one, the clasp to a beadwoven cuff, or the toggle clasp on a multi-strand necklace. (with the clasp in the front, because that's how my mom likes to wear them and it is Mother's Day!)

  20. Very pretty and earthy!! If they arent too heavy I will make earring, otherwise I will use it as a focal bead.

  21. I recently purchased a Michigan-shaped petoskey stone bead from a local stone shop called "Two Old Stoners". (No kidding!) I think I would use these and some turquoise to make a cool Michigan necklace for myself!

    (Petoskey is the official Michigan stone.)

  22. Hi Lorelei
    What a great giveaway again! I think these would make a great focal for a necklace...maybe using one with other dangles/charms/beads hanging from it...or maybe mixed in with other natural stones and wirework.

  23. I think they would work fantastic as links on a necklace composed of lots and lots of different sorts of old-looking chains. I imagine a single chain, then a link, then lots and lots of chains in the center (maybe with some added beads), then the link and single chain again.


  24. Hi Lorelei!
    I think they would be great in a necklace filled with all sorts of circles in all sorts of mediums and metals. Or it would make a great lariat style toggle with a bunch of chains and other components dripping through. You have fabulous friends to offer you such great giveaways! Thanks for letting me play! Enjoy the day! Erin

  25. I think I would use them as links in a necklace, but they would also work as part of a toggle clasp...they would work well as links in a bracelet too. If there is a way to string beads through the middle of them, that would look cool. I like the texture on them. Thanks for the giveaway!!


  26. Hey Lorelei! I'm sure I'd put them to good use along with a froggy bead or two. Hope you got your package from us! :)

  27. I think I would use one connector as an asymmetrical connection on the side of a necklace, possibly with a bead wired into the center of it. The scalloped connector sort of reminds me of a gear, so maybe combined with a metal gear type of something. But its sort of soft for that idea so maybe again wiring a bead into the center and making a flower as a focal piece. Is that clear as mud? lol


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