Melanie at Earthenwood Studio, sent me these pretty Face cabochons recently. I received this leafy green one, and also another that has a matte brown finish. I've never used a cabochon before now! I wasn't really sure what to do with something that didn't have a hole in it of some sort. Thinking and thinking, I figured the only thing I could do was try another never-tried-before technique. Filigree! I am sure you've noticed that I have not really played around much with filigree wrapping. Yea, I've used filigree beads, but just as BEADS. So awhile back, after I had gotten the cabochons, I ordered this Vintaj Brass Co. filigree piece from Bello Modo, hoping that it would fit around the face. Looking at it, initially, it didn't look like it was the right size, it looked too big. Well don't you know, I started bending the edges around the face, and it worked out perfectly! Next challenge, finding jumprings small enough to fit through the holes in the filigree wrap. Luckily I had some itty bitty jumprings that worked.

I like the overall design of this necklace. The small brass cable chain looks so great in large quantities. I attached like 8 strands of chain together using small jumprings, and thread them all through a larger jumpring attached to the top of the filigree wrapped cab. This necklace has a very regal feeling to it, doesn't it? The rich faceted glass rondelles in a pale gold, and the brown glass pearls. The leaf clasp pulls the whole piece together, implying that this Goddess is one with nature.

This piece is available for sale in my Etsy shop. On sale, today only for $39!
That's $9 off the original price of $48!


  1. Love this necklace - all the pieces work so well together - very earthy.

  2. Very cool! I too, did some filigree wrapping w/ some of Melanie's pieces. It was the peacock pendants that look to be the same size, but they had the loops on them that I was able to work around with the filigree. I also just did a filigree wrap on one of my Fordite cabs the other night. I am hoping to finish these pieces up this weekend so I can post about them.

  3. This is really nice Lorelei especially with what you did with the filigree!

  4. Nice Lorelei! I've been using some of that very fine chain as well. All those little jump rings are fun to attach aren't they ;)

  5. I love your use of chain Lorelei. Check out my flicker gallery, I now have a jewelry gallery for pieces made with my beads. Keep the photos coming.

  6. I am a HUGE fan of Melanie's face cabs-my avatar on the Bead & Button forum is one of the pieces that I created using an Earthenwood face. I love your color choices. And I admire that you are able to be very 'asymetrical' sometimes in your designs. It's very creative, and outside the box!
    Way cool!

  7. wonderful Lorelei! I love how the clasp pulls the whole design together.

  8. That is so lovely. I have seen her face cabs before and I like what you did. You wouldn't want to hide the amazing detail on the face...
    I have dabbled a bit in the Vintaj filigree wrapping and found it a bit harder than I thought. Getting the right tension in wrapping it so it doesn't jiggle challenges me. I have a suggestion...I have a filigree wrapped glass cab in a piece in May Bead Trends. The bottom I wrapped under to hold it and the top I wrapped in a tight circle to hold it but also make a bail. Give that a shot. Lovely work, Lorelei!
    Enjoy the day!

  9. Anonymous5/29/2009

    Oh I love this one. Great work!

  10. Lorelei-- I answered your questions on my blog-- maybe TMI:)
    Anyway, one thing I forgot to mention is that you can have a small store-- 10 items or so for free there and link your Etsy shop.

    That kind of account doesn't count toward the 12 referrals though. Those have to end in Verified Accounts that cost $12 a month currently.

    If you have anymore questions, yo know where I am:)

  11. Hey L: This is when it pays to have inventory! You're able to search out what you need to pull it all together. Nice job!


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