Grandma's Attic

Eliza found the key in Grandma's secret hiding spot, an old painted box with old and rusty hinges. She knew she shouldn't be nosy, but she couldn't help it. Grandma never talked about her past. She always changed the subject and that irritated Eliza. Grandma was outside tending to the garden. Eliza knew she'd be there for a while. She hurriedly whipped open the box and found at the bottom of many car keys, and skeleton keys, the cutest little brass key with heart on the handle. She grabbed it and started for the attic stairs, sure that she would find something that would give her a clue as to why Grandma had been so secretive.
She listened for the squeaky screen door. Silence. Eliza slowly acsended the steps to the attic. At the top of the steps was a large wooden door, battered and beated. And below the door handle, was a beautiful floral scrolled lock plate. Probably from the 1800s, original to large old Victorian that Grandma has had her whole life. Eliza inserted the little brass key into the lock, and turned it slowly.
She heard a noise. She turned to look down the stairs, and there standing with hands on her hips, Grandma... Furious.


  1. So, so, so pretty! Off to check out the shop (my wallet cries whenever I check your blog).

  2. I really love this bracelet. It's perfection! Thanks for the neat story with it too.

  3. Love the story, Lorelie, and I love the piece. Of course, it's gone already, because it was great!

  4. Oh Lorelei...that is so simply perfect! Keys and keyholes are my weakness...they are my logo motif! I love the story....that is sure to sell quick. And the photos are stunning as well. You? Are a master...Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. Really enjoyed the story! I remember what it was like to be that age and getting in trouble rooting through my grandmother's things. Beautiful bracelet as well, clever closure.

  6. I just saw your picture on Facebook (commented on by Bev) and absolutely loved it. I had to check out your blog and I'm glad I did now. Lovely work and loved the story.


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