Greener on the other side

Looking at it from the patio.

We moved into this house in September of 2007. When we moved in, this big planting bed was empty except a couple of huge overgrown hostas, and some sort of ground cover that got little white flowers on it in the Spring. We removed everything from the bed, first the hostas. Then last year for my birthday, my mother bought me the Columbine, Iris, and Amethyst in Snow, and Joe planted them in August. This weekend, we finally finished it off. After spending a boat load of cash at the local greenhouse, we came home with all of the plants shown here. We went to Home Depot, and I found some nice Solar lights in a nice arts and crafts style, to place along the the bottom of the bed.

Today Joe and I went to breakfast, and found 2 awesome rose bushes at another place. He then mulched everything in nicely with a black shredded mulch. I love how it turned out, and am so excited at how pretty everything looks together. I think we both are a little shocked by it. I'm posting a few of the plants we bought. And of course, the Iris and Columbine, two of my favorites.

Looking down from the driveway.

Joe begged me to have at least one corner for some pepper plants, so those two rows are cherry and Jalepeno peppers.

In jewelry news... well, I was busy beading today til my fingers hurt. I'll be listing things slowly when I finish up here. Created some fun stuff. I also did a major jewelry repair for a coworker. I had to re-string an 8 strand Vintage glass beaded necklace, changing over from thread to wire, and new jumprings throughout. It's quite a showpiece. It took some serious time. But I plowed through it. After that, I finished the 3 pair of earrings, 5 bracelets, and a necklace for Etsy.

And then, I also made this bracelet for my friend Tami using some of Magda's beads. I love how this piece turned out. I hope to eventually get some more of magda's beads so I can create something similar for myself. The pewter Snail charm is from Green Girl Studios. The lampwork bead is from Cindy Hoo.


  1. Fun bracelet - just love the beads. Your flowers are lovely.

  2. Oh, Lorelei, your garden is wonderful! I also really like these two pieces of jewelry. The beads by Magda's beads are so gorgeous! Did you make the knots? I love them...and the snail charm. The necklace is just great...great color and especially design!

  3. Thanks Beth!

    Thanks Doreen! I did make those knots myself with brass jumprings!! Thank you!

  4. I tell ya Lorelei you are forever brimming over with ideas and talent. You are truly talented! I sure have alot of respect for you!!!xx

  5. Anonymous5/24/2009

    wow, that's amazing! i need to just force myself and sit down and dedicate more time for make more jewelry.

  6. Doesn't it just seem as though gardening and beading go together somehow? And since I seem to incorporate my beads INTO my garden - well....
    I post photos of my happy bloomers on my page occasionally too - it's a great feeling to see everything (well, ALMOST everything-for some reason the Bee Balm didn't sprout) coming back to life after a long, cold winter...

  7. Anonymous5/25/2009

    the flowers are just beautiful! nice job! I love the snail cute. too bad they eat all my sunflower starts! (it could be the their cousins the slugs)


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