Innovative Bead Expo, Albany

I am planning on finally going to a bead show. It's been over a year since I've been to one. The Innovative Bead Expo is coming to Albany NY, this weekend. I like going to this show over the one in Syracuse because Green Girl Studios does the Albany show, but not the Syracuse show. Fortunately, Joe will be working this weekend, so I've got Saturday free!

In honor of this fun trip, I want to have a bit of a sale so that I can take some extra cash with me to get some beads! I've discounted some of the bracelets in my shop, discounted $5-$8 below regular prices. Here is a shot of what is there now. I'm sure I'll be adding some throughout the day.


  1. What, Joe doesn't like a good ole bead shopping extravagaza? I can't wait to see what you bring back!

  2. Lucky you! Next week is the Bead and Button show. Not gonna make it this year. But there's usually ine around that I can get too later on. Have fun, find some treasures.

  3. Have a great time - I wish I was going - maybe Philadelphia in August - that is a large show - I better start saving now!!!!

    I hope you get some great things.

  4. You are pretty in pink, Miss Lorelei!
    Your bead excursion sounds like just the ticket...I am counting down the days until I leave for the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee. It took me years to get there...and it is only 3 hours away and I have free family lodging! I am cramming it in...might be easier to just sleep in my car in the parking garage! Have a great time...and say hello to Green Girl...I will seek them out at B&B! Enjoy the day!

  5. Have a blast, L! Can't wait to check in on you when I get back. I will have so much to catch up on! Have a great time!

    BTW-I love all the summery pieces you've been making!

  6. Anonymous5/28/2009

    I love your work. You have great style!

  7. Have fun at the show! Will you get to meet Andrew?

  8. Thanks Everyone!

    Hey Norma,
    No, Greg has his friend TJ work the Albany show, so I won't be able to meet any of the family! :(


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