It's Coming Along

Are you bored of seeing pics of my studio space yet?

I feel like I've been showing it off a lot lately. But I just had to post pictures now that the new paint has gone up on the walls.
There is more to do. New window treatment. I NNNNNEEEEEDDDD A new chair, but the printers cabinet won over that need. I'd like a small area rug for the center of the room. And some table skirts (I've talked to Mom, and she said she could make them for me)

I hung some of my favorite artwork on the walls. Prints from Cori D, Swallowfield, Jellybeans, a print that I got for my birthday from my friend Tara by Wyanne, a sweet owl print from DearDodo. An art gallery effect wasn't really what I was going for, but I just couldn't cut any of them out, they're all so gorgeous!

Hanging the pieces on the wall wasn't the easiest due to plaster and lathe walls. ICK!! I would have really liked to have some wall shelves hung up (to house gift boxes, and ribbon, and bubble mailers) but now I realize why Joe immediately said no when I asked him! It would completely ruin the walls. i could barely manage with the small nails I was using.

So once I get more beads housed into the cabinet, I could probably eliminate one of the big tables, bring the small 4 foot table back into the room, and bring in a free-standing shelving unit for stuff. That's probably what I'll do next.
Enjoy the pics!


  1. Yeah! I'm the first to comment to say LOVE YOUR SPACE! For a chair, I think an office-type desk chair with arms would be perfect. Then, you can roll around to your various spaces. This is what I do and I love it.

  2. You don't need shelves on the wall for packaging... you need a beautiful bookcase!! Don't worry, I am on it. I'll find one. LOL.

    Have you seen Kelly Rae Roberts Studio? Ceck out this piece her hubby built or her:

  3. Looks great! Love the color!!!

  4. Thanks Barbara! (check out etsy, I used your pendant in a necklace!)

    Hey Kerry!
    Thank you. That shelf is SO AWESOME. I'm gonna be talking to Joe about that one. What a beautiful studio Kelly has. man oh man!

  5. Oh beautiful color! Do you and your husband want to come to Tucson to help me paint? LOL

    Funky Monkey Girl,

  6. You have a beautiful cabinet. It is a GREAT find. I wrote and inquired about the trays. I'm being patient, as I was out bid on eBay for one, but I'm in another auction. Thanks for the info.
    Alice Howe

  7. Your space looks wonderful! I almost bought a printer's cabinet like that about eight years ago, actually. I ended up just using tackle boxes instead, and for me that's been a good choice--I like to be able to see what's in it before I grab it, because I sort some of my beads by color.

    It's so much fun to put together a working space. Yours is beautiful!

  8. What a calming and beautiful space! Have fun!

  9. Anonymous5/04/2009

    What a bright space, love the light and the color on the wall, it's so soothing. I have a blue green on my walls too!

  10. No! I'm not tired of seeing your studio, yet! I love the color of the walls. This spring I find myself buying or painting everything aqua or turquoise, I love it!

  11. The space looks beautiful - that paint color really brightens it up! I like how neatly you have a light box stored under the table, but how do you take the pictures? Do you have to get down on the floor, or do you pull it out?

  12. It's so cool how much space you have! I'm longing for the day I get my very own room to do my art in. I loooove your wall color.

  13. Great space Lorelei. I think the paint color is so soothing and evocative ( just calls for creating) and the bead cabinet, what I would dream of having. Lucky you.


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