The Loot

The bead show was a success. It was kind of a pain to drive there, about an hour and a half. And the show is really quite small when you think about Bead & Button. But there are several good vendors at this show every year... I bought beads from Green Girl Studios, Keith O'Connor beads were offered at the GGS table, Park Avenue Beads, and Veni Vidi. Some of the vendors there were selling lots of art beads, but I wasn't quite sure it was legitimate- like were they really selling Marsha Neal beads or were they knock-offs? I also felt like a lot of the prices for stones were a bit high, so most of my loot was glass, a few stones, Ceramic and pewter of course!
Top Row: Faceted Amazonite rounds, Glass drops in clear and green, and some jasper nuggets
Second row: Faceted Briolettes, I'm not sure what they are, but like the color A LOT!
and then several strands of Fire-polished glass beads in some nice summer colors.

I picked up a couple of hanks of seed beads in some colors
that were not as obtainable, and good for summer desgins. Coral, Pewter(so unique!),
a summer mix of teals, and the hank all the way on the right, the beads have this really cool shape, I've never seen before. Click the pic to see it bigger.

I had a nice time chatting with TJ at GGS. TJ is Greg Ogden's college friend, and always does the Albany show. He lives in Boston now. Some day I'd like to show up there and see Andrew. That would be a real treat!
The GGS table was selling Keith O'Connor's ceramic beads, and the colors are out of this world, so I picked out a few. They were also selling glass beads from CNY Glass (they are local actually so I can find their beads readily)
And of course, picked up some pewter and Shibuchi beauties. Tried to
get a few pieces that I have never used, like the Mermaid ring, and the little
sparrow head. And the little frogs, and rings on the bottom row, I plan
on making into earrings.

Now it's time to play!!!


  1. Anonymous5/31/2009

    sounds like so much fun...and you got some really cool things! I think I am suffering bead envy at this moment!

  2. It looks like you bought a rainbow. So pretty.

  3. Some really beautiful beads you picked! Looking forward to seeing how these spark your creativity!

  4. You got some really pretty things! I LOVE the colors of the seed beads!

  5. Great buys - I love all the summer colors. I am especially loving the Mermaid ring.

  6. Awesome finds!

    I just gave your blog an award!

    Check it out here:

  7. Great selection of beads. I also love the mermaid ring from Green Girl Studios. I have two of them. Teals are my colors for summer.
    Thanks for sharing pictures of your loot.

  8. Jack pot! Wheee!

  9. Really Nice stash Lorelei!

  10. oooooh, those ceramic beads are really cool! glad you found such great loot!

  11. I love the bright fresh colors you chose. I am a bit scared of the dazzling array I am sure to find at Bead & Button...I don't have much in the way of shopping filters and I am a bit of a magpie! Ooh! Shiny! Must! Have!
    Thanks for sharing your beady goodness!
    Enjoy the day!

  12. Hey Lorelei,

    Nice to meet you and have a wonderful chat. The loot looks great and I love all of your work on this site.

    To clarify about Marsha Neal at the Innovative Beads Expo shows-those are not knock offs. It seems that with a baby and the changing economy Marsha decided she might not do as many shows this year so her rep. Darlene started her own company called D7 and has continued showing Marsha Neal in the same fashion as last year. The name on the table has changed and the arrangement may have changed a bit but those are definitely original Marsha Neal pieces.

    Hope to see you on the bead trail soon!

    -thoomas jay

  13. Hey TJ! Thanks for stopping by the ol' blog!

    I know which booth you are talking about, the big D7 booth- and yes I know that one was the real thing, but there was another small booth, the one selling brass, that was selling some art beads that looked like Keith's beads, and Marsha Neal beads, and a few others. Were those real?

  14. Yep, should be. I believe you are talking about Kabela. They have some old vintage stamps and have been developing their own line and having them pressed out of brass, copper and the like. Beth and Tom (they weren't there as they are readying for Bead a Button and had their rep. there) also carry vintage lucite and some of Keith O'Connor's beads as well. We miss Keith :)

    Word is is that if you are a fan of Mr. O'Connor you may find him lingering around the GGS booth at the up coming show in Fishkill, NY July 11-12th. Hopefully he will bring some more of his stuff so if you need raku, porcelain or stoneware...come on over to Green Girl Studios and say hello.

    As far as anyone other than D7 selling Marsha Neal at the show I'm not sure about.

    Keep up the good bead work Lorelei and thanks!!!


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