New Items Now Listed in my Shop!

as seen in BEAD STYLE MAGAZINE for Summer 09!


  1. Wow - they are all great! As usual! I went to Beadazzled in Baltimore this weekend, got a few things. I'll post it tomorrow!

  2. OMG!!! they are awesome!!! I tried to buy the leather bracelet (the 5th picture) on your shop but it was already gone!!! You posted it only 37 minutes ago!!! That always happens to me with the jewelry I like from your store!!

  3. Hi Mari!
    I'm sorry!! I can make you one if you'd like?? It won't be exact, but similar. let me know!

  4. Yay for you getting published! Again :) Too cool!!!!

  5. Those little earrings with the blue beads? I laugh because it looks like it is a cloud with eyes and a little mouth that is blowing the wind my way! Really lovely. And that piece in BeadStyle? Divine.
    Enjoy the day!

  6. I love those earrings with the faceted teardrop briolettes!!! You were right - it is an awesome colour!

  7. All so beautiful!!! And CONGRATS on the piece that will be in Bead Style! All of the pieces are so stunning. Always makes me want to head over to your shop and pick one out..

  8. Lorelei,
    Where did you find the bradd circle pendants with a hole punched on each side? I've found some but with only one hole.
    Nice finds at the show!
    Alice Howe

  9. Lrelei,
    Beautiful pieces. I love your choice of colour combinations:)


  10. Hi Alice!
    Those are from Etsy seller Patina Queen, and I believe she always has them stocked in her shop!


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