New Kitchen floor

(*Thank you to everyone for your kind comments on my post yesterday. I appreciate your support and well wishes. I hope that readers got something out of it, or at least learned something from it.)

Moving On...

Thought I'd show some pics of the house today. Joe and I were hating the yucky white linoleum in the kitchen so we picked out this really cool product at Home Depot, called Resilient Vinyl Flooring, comes in planks, is sticky on the edges and the edges overlap making for a really strong bond and non-slip surface. Joe put it down right over the linoleum, and it was finished in a day.
I love the new look, and it really looks quite similar to wood flooring.

And here are some pics of the house sporting it's brand new roof! We were able to replace the roof this Spring, due to the leaking issues we had over the winter.

The house was literally the ugliest on the street. I think we've come a long
way!! Someone running past the house last night, as I was out front taking pictures, asked me "is this your place?" and I said "YES!" And she said, " OMG, We looked at this house when it was for sale. You guys have really made it soo beautiful! It looks like it could be in a magazine!" I forgot to tell Joe this compliment, he'll be so pleased to hear that. We've always been really big about house pride. We see houses all the time where people don't put in any landscaping and let the paint peel away, and don't keep up their homes. It's hard for us to understand. We tend to thrive on always trying to make it better!

I am patiently waiting for these beauties to wake up and show off! These are three plants that my mom bought me for my Birthday last year, and we planted them really late and I was afraid that they wouldn't end up coming up this year. But they are thriving!

This is a beautiful deep purple Columbine. They are so cool, aren't they!? Even just in this stage!

This is an Amethyst in Snow... pretty purple with white flowers- very fringy and delicate. I love how the buds look- check out that COLOR INSPIRATION! Gotta love my camera's macro setting!

And finally a deep purple Iris, planted in memory of my Grandmother who loved Irises and always had them in her gardens. I can wait for the blooms, and I'll take more pics of them when they do.
We home to plant more flowers in this flower bed. I have asked my Momma for more plants for it for this birthday coming up Monday. I'm going home this weekend to spend the day with Mom and my sister. We always get together for my birthday.
I'm looking forward to giving my Mom her Mother's day gift. I bought her a Vera Bradley wallet and some Crabtree and Evelyn hand therapy and lotion for gardeners. She's going to love them!


  1. House looks great! Good job!

  2. Your house is so welcoming. I love the Arts and Crafts style. You and Joe are so dedicated and it really shows.

  3. Lorelei, I love bungalows and have missed for years our first house which was a bungalow much like yours. That flooring looks great. Our kitchen floor is finished subflooring simply because I can't commit to a permanent covering. Thanks for sharing pics of your house and garden.

  4. Lorelei - it is a sweet little house and it looks like it is loved. The floor looks great - we used the same thing in our PA house kitchen and I love it. It makes for a very professional job that you can easily do yourself.

    Flowers looking good too - lots of inspiration there.!

  5. Lorelei - I think you family is in Connecticut. If you come by 91 near Bradley Field, their is a store called Mondazzi Books at 570 Hayden Station Road in Windsor - www. It has strands of gemstones at 50% off. :-)

  6. Your house is lovely and I know you and Joe have worked hard. Be proud of all you have accomplished.
    Thanks for sharing the iris photos too - they are so pretty.

  7. Beautiful! I wish I had the time and energy to put into ours! It is one of the un-landscaped peeling paint horrors on our block!

  8. When my I still lived at home my mother and I would watch all the home improvement shows. It would always amuse us that people could not look past the hideous pink walls and see what could be done with the house. They'd make cracks about the couch or curtains--hello, those aren't staying! If you don't go into it with an open mind then you miss out on great potential. Your house is looking fab!

  9. What a lovely house! I wish that I had the energy and time to do some renovation to my little bungalow...yours is ever so charming! But those pictures of the stunning! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy the day! Erin

  10. Anonymous5/14/2009

    wow, that floor product looks great!
    we too have been working on our house for the past 5 years and we still have a lot left. it's a lot of work.

  11. The new house paint adds sophistication...nice job.


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