Some New work...

I don't have much to say today.
Lots of thoughts in my head... too many to write down.
so instead, here are some pretty new pieces going into my
shop this morning.


  1. These are wonderful Lorelei! I especially like the earrings. They are whimsical, which is one of my very favorite things!

  2. I really like these little clusters of things you are using as focals. Is that a little locket? It looks like it is hinged.

  3. Hi Kristin! Thank you!! I'm glad you like them.

    Hey LeAnn! Yes that is a locket! It is a fun little treasure holder, I'm keeping the insides blank so that the buyer can fill it with whatever they want.

  4. Much love for the little bird charms. You must know some mad resources to get such diverse bits and bobs.

  5. I like that the verdigris birds are outside the cages! Very pretty!

  6. I love seeing your new work. You have such a knack for putting everything together and making it work beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Anonymous5/12/2009

    Me too, love seeing your work. your're inspiring me to try new things.

  8. adore this new direction! your post on copyright is so thought provoking. You go girl!

  9. YOUR creatures are marvelous and energy's source!!! Talk to you soon


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