A studio improvement

I had a great day yesterday for my birthday. Went to lunch with my friend Tara, who shares the same birthday! We had a great lunch at a local cafe, and then after I took her back to work, I went over to this antique shop that's near the museum.

They had this old stool that had caught my eye when I went there last week and was drooling over their many enamel top tables. (Which I still really want btw) I went ahead and bought the stool, and it is sooo great to sit on something in my studio that's made for my height. I am 5'10" and that little folding chair was just not cutting it. I had Joe raise my table for me using PVC pipe. Worked out fabulously and now the stool is just the right height for the table.

Joe took me out to dinner to my favorite Japanese place - Macrobiotic Fried rice with chicken, and some Vegetable Tempura, it was out of this world good. A nice quiet evening at home. Ahhh!

Such a great day.

(except when my desktop computer decided to shit the bed. It's in the shop.)


  1. Sounds like you had a great day!!!!

  2. Oh no, Lorelei! I'm sorry your computer has Montezuma's revenge! Hope it gets well soon! The stool looks so cool! Still, be careful about your back. If you find you are still having problems, you really should find a good chair with a nice cushioned back support.

  3. That sounded like an awesome day...until the computer part! LOL

  4. Anonymous5/19/2009

    What a great day! I love Japanese, yum!
    And how nice that you found that stool.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday! Fabulous stool, it looks really sturdy and has great foot-resting spots! We do the PVC table rising trick too and I love the little feet on your risers... could you tell us more about those?


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