What's on YOUR bead table?

I should say, what WAS on your bead table. This was a shot of mine, this morning.

And here is the outcome!
This is my second installment for the Art Bead Scene challenge. I received the gorgeous Monet inspired lampwork tube from my friend Anne Lichtenstein of Gardanne Beads. Check out Anne's etsy shop, she's doing some really great work these days. (the little blue round up by the clasp is also from Anne)


  1. Beautiful beads from Anne and I love the colours.

  2. That is a wonderful bead. You did finish the look with seed beads...pretty colorful stuff there. I just want to say I don't even know if there's a table under my beads...its a huge mess, but when I clean it there will be lots of surprises!

  3. I am such slacker! I missed April and now it is half through May...but I am making my own "art bead" for my Monet-inspired piece. I made a water lilies piece in April, but it only has a vintage cabochon clasp so not really an art bead...so I have to play by the rules! Enjoy the day!
    P.S. I am telling everyone I know to vote for you!
    Ciao bella!

  4. Beautiful piece. I love the colors.

    Where on Earth do you get the patience to string all those seed beads?

  5. I voted for you... ;)

  6. Thank you for your kind words Lorelei, and I love what you did with the Monet bead.

  7. Anonymous5/17/2009

    Gorgeous colors; they remind me of summer, my favorite season!
    I just got my new books today. One of them was Mixed Metals per your recommendation and I love it. Thanks.

  8. This is a new color palette for you. Looks nice. You know, I've been going into a brighter color palette myself. I haven't posted any pictures yet. I guess I want to play around a little more before I start sharing. Cynthia was horrified by some of the things that I picked up in Tucson. Anyway, you've encouraged me to post some of the pictures of the new "brighter" work. Thanks!

  9. It's not exactly my favourite colour palette, but I do like the elegant simplicity of the design...

  10. This is so clever! I love how I get to guess and then the surprise...simply charming :)


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