Working my fingers to the bone

I beaded my heart out yesterday. I ended up with 10 pieces of jewelry. I listed all 10 pieces in my shop. I probably shouldn't have. I have to give jewelry to other places too. I don't know why I am struggling to do this. But maybe today I'll work on my donations for the food bank sale.

I do want to make something with my new pendant that I got yesterday from LeAnn (SummersStudioEtc.)
I also bought one for my friend Beth. In coral. It's a really awesome color palette for summer. I am waiting for some special beads from SueBeads, to finish that necklace.

Here is a bracelet that I finished yesterday. I am really happy with how it turned out. I love the rich jewel tones of these Kiss inspired beads from Humblebeads. I added in extra dangles of citrine, glass, garnet and amethyst. Anyhoo, it's listed in my shop with the others. Hope you all have a great Friday!


  1. Beautiful bracelet. I like the mix of bead styles and colours. I just had a peek in your shop and it looks great on too.

  2. Oh wow, respect! 10 pieces of jewelry! And I was so proud to finish two pieces on my free day... *sigh*

  3. That bracelet is freakin' amazing.

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments!!

    Maureen, you oughtta see it in person! It's a wowza!

  5. I love that bracelet! And amazing work... 10 pieces in one day must be some kind of wonderful record:)


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