I decided to take advantage of a small 10 item shop over at Artfire. I created a handful of things for the new shop that I'll be posting for sale later today. I hope it does well. I just wasn't happy with the lack of action over at 1000 Markets, it's too bad really. Such a pretty website. Although I probably should just update it more and maybe it would eventually happen. I wonder if the Amazon payments thing scared everyone off. Can't use Paypal there. Maybe that's the problem.

Whatever it was, it was depressing, only had one sale since I started. I've slowly just been moving the jewelry from 1000 markets, to Etsy, where I have much better luck.

So far, I was quite impressed with how easy it was to create a storefront. I was able to use my own pre-made banner and avatar, but unfortunately only had a few options for colors in background. But I don't mind charcoal, it goes well with my banner.

Listing items seems a bit less cumbersome than Etsy, where you do all the descriptions, shipping, and pictures all on the same page. You can add up to 4 pictures for each listing.
The best part of Artfire is, it's free to list items!

Wish me luck!


  1. As a consumer, I would say its Paypal. I almost exclusively shop these sites with paypal due to the purchasing protection and security of not having to use a credit card.

  2. Hey there, I've just had a look at your ArtFire shop and the site. It looks good. Good luck with the new site!

  3. I have had NO sales at 1000Markets and I am discouraged. I liked the look of the shops but I think it is the Amazon payment thing too. As a seller I wasn't happy opening another account for payments so I would think buyers are not happy either. I will have to look into Artfire after the summer - too much going on to worry about opening another store now. Good luck - I will pop over and have a look at your shop later.

  4. How wonderful to be able to do descriptions, shipping and pics all on one page!

    Best of luck with this new store!!!

  5. Best of luck, but why do you want to maintain another place, when you are doing so well at Etsy? Do you think you will have better sales? Don't you think most of your customers will stay at Etsy anyway? Just curious ;^) Me...I will buy from Etsy...

  6. Hey Ladies!
    Thanks for your comments!

    That is a very good question. And if people feel motivated to be loyal to only Etsy, that's great! I think maybe I'll create another group of fans that maybe are only loyal to Artfire. you never know!
    Doesn't hurt to have your eggs in more than one basket...

  7. All these questions from someone who lags at opening her own shop!
    Thanks for answering them, your right it never hurts to spread yourself out.
    P.S. I will be putting things in my shop as soon as I get back from Arizona. Sure, sure...

  8. Good luck!! Your items are beautiful!!

  9. Anonymous6/02/2009

    good luck! your banner looks awesome. let us know how things work out.
    one of the things i dread on etsy is listing. that's why my shop there is lacking.

  10. I hope you let us know how you do. I have had a shop for several months on Artfire, but not a single sale (but this could be because I am from overseas), but even the views don't total up. I've been thinking of taking my stuff down. I would have liked to try 1000 Markets, but they aren't taking sellers from outside the States yet.
    Good luck, at any rate!

  11. I have tried and tried and tried to open a shop at ArtFire...I gave up and opened our second shop on Etsy.

    I wish you the best of luck!!

    Funky Monkey Girls,

  12. Hey Jolene,
    I'm curious, where were you having problems with setting up your shop?
    maybe I can help


  13. Welcome to ArtFire! Thank you for adding your creative voice to our artisan community. Don't forget that not only are there no listing and renewal fees with your basic account, but no final valuation or otherwise hidden fees period! We wish you the best of luck and many sales.


    P.S. @FunkyMonkeyGirls If there is anything we can do to help you get started on ArtFire just let us know!

  14. Keep us posted on the progress! I am just starting to consider these sites and haven't decided on one...don't really want to be on all of them. Your feedback is great. I got a downloaded guide to selling on Etsy from On The Dot and it is pretty good as a primer. I have been lurking on as well. Thanks for sharing and best of luck!
    (But your stuff is beautiful and I think that the buyers need luck to get it first!)
    Enjoy the day, Lorelei!

  15. i think a lot of people are not as familiar with it as they are with etsy. good luck with the new shop. have you tried lollishops?

  16. Your things are beautiful no matter where you list them, but what do you think is better for a beginner?? Art Fire or Etsy?

  17. I was thinking about doing Lollishops but then at the last minute realized that my jewelry doesn't really fall into the at overall sweet theme they've got going on there.

    I'd say for beginners, Etsy is easier. Because having that knowledge, and then going to artfire, made signing up for artfire a lot easier. A lot of the composition is the same for both sites.

  18. Loreli and Tony,

    I will definately contact both of you once I get moved and unpacked a bit...thank you both for your offer of assistance and I know I will use it:)

    Funky Monkey Girl,

  19. There are lots more color options for your studio with the paid membership--it's the base model thing. Love your new banner BTW. One frustrating quirk--when uploading new photos for an existing item (I retake photos all the time-you don't look like you need to!), the first photo you upload won't "stick." Have to go back and upload that one again. I've written Artfire admin about it but it's never been fixed.

  20. yes I did have this issue with one of the 7 listings from yesterday, where I had to upload the first photo twice. Annoying!! But overall, the entire listing process was so much quicker and easier than the big E is. I was so pleased that everything was all located on the same page. And tickled that I can upload 4 pictures at ONCE! I see the advanced membership lets you have 10 pictures. BAH. I'd rather just deal with 4 to be honest!

  21. Anonymous6/03/2009

    best of luck sweetness!
    I am digging your new banner.


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