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I don't wear a lot of jewelry. I wear a select few items that have a lot of sentimental value and that are timeless pieces of jewelry, great for every day wear. I really rarely wear my own designs, sometimes I wear my earrings or bracelets but I have not been able to wear any of my elaborate necklaces- only because I don't like anything heavy laying on my neck.

However, this necklace is my new favorite.
I wore it all day yesterday. It's lightweight, and comfortable,
and goes with everything! Including this cute owl tank I got over the weekend
at Old Navy!

Thought I would share some photos. Here's what I usually have on. My wedding rings, of course. I picked out these rings- my engagement ring included. A really sweet story, my engagement story. I'll have to tell it someday, if you're interested.

This necklace, the chain, came from some other necklace I had gotten, who knows when. The pendant, is a faceted Topaz enlongated bicone, that belonged to my Grandmother. She passed away back in the 80s and I was lucky enough to end up with this as a daily reminder of how much a wonderful lady she was. I took her for granted and I miss her very much to this day.

This Topaz ring was a gift from Joe. I forget the holiday, I'm thinking it might have been my birthday, a few years back. It matches my necklace perfectly, and wear them together always.
Eh. Grasping at straws today with a topic to talk about. At least it was jewelry related. TGIF!

I'm hoping to see my sister Frances this weekend. Fran and her boyfriend Kevin are getting their own apartment in Oswego where so goes to college. Kevin graduates this year, and is moving up to Oswego to work full time. Fran is coming up this weekend to pick up an old couch and chair that we are giving them for their new place. Which only means one thing! New Furniture for moi! yippee!

Fran was so inspired by my blogging recently, she decided to use some of her free time this summer to start her own! You can read it here.

oh and one more thing. The ever-long quest to find the perfect pic for bios in magazines. Which of these do you like best?

Photo Exhibit A:

Photo Exhibit B:


  1. I spied the owl tank pic in the listing yesterday & liked that, but still absolutely LOVE that wooden necklace. It almost seems a little tribal to me...just so close to the earth with all the wood.

    I rarely wear my jewelry. Can't do earrings because my ears don't like metal and anything more than a chain seems too heavy for my neck. so much for self-marketing..

    definitely photo exhibit B!

  2. love the new necklace. cool wood beads, very lovely composition. i wear more jewelry that was given to me by family or passed on in inheritance too. oh, photo one is my choice. =)

  3. I have a friend who writes blogs like you always sweet and cosy! I love # B pic you look really pretty/cute there!

  4. I actually dislike both pictures.

    the first one looks like:
    Pshhh. yea!

    and the second one looks like
    "Can you read my mind?"

    nice bags under the ol' eyes too. Sleep much??

  5. Lorelei: I vote for A ...funny how we all have a different opinion. You'll probably have to choose or pick a letter out of a hat :-)

  6. 1. Great new pieces!

    2. Love the owl tank - I got it too along with the peacock one. Can't wait until it gets warm enough to sport them.

    3. Would love to hear your engagement story. I usually wear a different necklace everyday. Once in a while a bracelet. But hardly ever earrings - only when I have my hair up because you don't see them otherwise and my ears tend to get irritated.

    4. I like picture B. I agree, these self portraits can be tough. My hubby commented on mine the other day so I told him he has to help me get some better head shots. :-)

  7. I like A...

  8. I like B - the lovely topaz jewelry would look so perfect with the outfit in the picture.
    You need to tell the engagement ring story.
    Have fun with Franny.

  9. I like both photos. Helpful, heh?

    Lovely story about the the topaz. I love those little connections we keep with family.

  10. i like photo b... but because i can never do black/white, inside the box decisions, i have to tell you that i loooove your straight bob pic! i know that wasn't helpful... it's just how i 'see' you! sorry :0)

  11. I like photo b - so cute! And it was lovely to see the jewelry you do wear. I am the same way, I think I actually wear less jewelry now that I make jewelry. Today, just my wedding rings. I really should wear more of the great stuff that I have.

  12. lorelei I like picture #1. Having met you on the bead cruise it captures some of your personality. You are beautiful in both.

  13. I like A and yes, we want your engagement story!

  14. I know, I have a hard time wearing a lot of jewelry. But I will have to work on that, in my reading about marketing oneself 1) you are not to leave the house without wearing a piece of your jewelry. 2) Always have cards on hand if someone shows any interest.
    I like the angle of your blog pic too, maybe shoot a new one like that with your undated hairdo.
    Love the tank, especially with the long necklace. My body has not seen a tank in a looooong time, I live vicariously through my 14 year old. Oh well, I have started playing tennis, maybe there is hope.

  15. I meant "updated" hairdo, I am going to have to start proofing.

  16. That wooden necklace is fabulous!! Beautiful!

    I like picture number 2 :)

  17. Cutest necklace, pic B-you look like you have a secret that you are dying to tell:) please engagement story, I need to live my romantic life (which is non exisent) thru others:)

    I wear 10 bangle bracelets, some on each wrist all the time. I always try to wear jewelery but I have been like that since I was a kid. I am feeling naked today because no earings/rings or a necklace!! I have them packed somewhere.

    I always try to wear my own pieces and have cards. I have actually sold earings and a necklace off of me once and would love to do that more often:)


  18. I love the necklace and the tank top.

    I like exhibit A better.

  19. Hey L.- I like photo A. Very sweet and charming, open. I feel like I've fallen off the face of the earth. But been able to get in the studio the last day or two for a little bit anyway. I've been working on beads for the ABS challenge. I should be posting tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

  20. Funny, I thought I was the only one who makes jewelry but rarely wears it. I try to put on one of my necklaces when I leave the house, and I recently started to wear bracelets sometimes (they take some getting used to), but I really prefer a plain silver ring. I also can't show off the earrings I make, since I never felt like getting earholes - I wouldn't use them anyway.

    I like both of your pictures, but maybe the first a little bit better, you have a nice friendly smile there :)

  21. So glad you said that about wearing your jewelry - I feel the same way. There are one or two pieces I wear a lot, but that's about it. I like the bottom author photo the best. :)

  22. Funny...you make such awesome pieces and then you don't wear them! I sometimes wear them around a bit to be sure that they lay right and that the whole thing works (and selfishly so that I can have the experience!). Do tell the engagement story!
    And I like Picture A...you look very approachable and happy!
    Enjoy the day!

  23. Both are nice pictures of you, but A may be better for print as there is more contrast versus B which is a bit overexposed due to the sunlight!

    The engagement story we would love to hear......have fun in Philly.


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