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I probably forgot to tell you that I am now participating in the Blogger program. Each month I get to pick an item from the online store, and then once I get it, all I have to do is blog about the product I received!
This month, I picked this lovely Russian Hand-Painted Onyx Bee bead. But has LOTS of different beading supplies that you can purchase for your designs. Click here to see some of the other cool things you can find there.

beading supplies

A sweet little bee, is just chillin' on a lovely bunch of flowers. I decided to put together this stretchy bracelet to show off my new art bead.

Check out Art Beads for more hand-painted Onyx beads:

Russian Pendants> has sent me these products to review on my blog and I have not been paid for my endorsement of this product as it pertains to the products received.


  1. Gorgeous! I've never shopped at, but I am definitely going to now!

  2. I love the hand painted Onyx beads - I have the peacocks of course! Pretty bracelet!

  3. Hi Lorelei! I LOVE They were one of my first bead-y suppliers and they are still one of my go-to companies. I love that you can purchase one at a time, instead of a strand. That is the most gorgeous bead! I look forward to seeing what else you do with them! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. Hi Lorelei,
    I am one of the beaders that blog too! You picked the best bead, I never even saw that one, and I really love what you did with it.


  5. Love that onyx bead and how beautifully you paired it with the other beads

  6. Ok, how do you get to do this??? Pretty bracelet!

  7. Lorelei thats Wonderful that you get to do this! Big Congrats to you! You certainly rate A+ to do it! x


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