How does YOUR garden Grow?

2009 is the first year that Joe and I have ever attempted growing veggies. So far so good, knock on wood! I thought I'd share some pics.

This is in the back of the house, behind the garage, against our
neigbors fence. We wanted to start small,
so we have many many pepper plants for my
addict husband who can't get enough of them.
2 rows of Broccoli, 2 tomato plants, and
a small row of cucumbers.

Here's another closer look.
On the patio we have 2 potted tomato plants, cherry tomatoes. And
I was excited to see the start of a 'mater growing already!

Some other plants I'm proud of are the two rose bushes we put in this year. One in a deep red, and the other is a yellow/coral, knock-your-socks-off Rose!
They both have COUNTLESS buds, and blooming flowers.
The pictures don't do it justice!
Thanks for allowing me to show off our plants.
Update- Erin Prais-Hintz received the bracelets from the Bracelet swap, and blogged about them today, go read her post here.