I should not be struggling with this month's Art Bead Scene challenge as much as I am. I mean, I am really familiar with Kandinsky's work. We actually have a really cool Kandinsky painting in the collection at the Museum where I work. I like bright colors in jewelry, so this painting doesn't pose a color challenge. I have to admit. I really had a hard time coming up with this design to submit for the challenge. So although it looks simple in design, it really took some time to put it together. I tried to bring in the colors from the painting without them looking really gawdy. Thank God I found this cool lampwork bead from the Orange Bell with orange and white circles in the center. It's perfect for this piece. I used other lampwork glass from The Orange Bell on the other side as well. The fringe chain in the front mimics the circles from the painting. The Green Girl Studios tube bead was kind of funky and I've been wanting to use it for a while so I created a hook clasp out of it with some galvanized steel wire. The hand-made fused silver links on the left are from Lynn Davis.
I am looking forward to seeing what painting will be the theme for July's challenge!
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