Kristin's Creative Challenge

I read Kristin's blog daily. Waking Beauty Designs. I read her post on Friday and was completely intrigued by this idea of a creative venture- something we think we cannot do.

She posed this creative challenge for the weekend. I figured, that
sounds so cool- I'll commit and then figure it out later! We had nothing
but rain all weekend so what better weekend to sit inside and play with

Okay so I didn't really follow the rules. Instead I worked on
a creative project, that wasn't what I normally do, which is jewelry.
I created something that is:

1. essential for my business
2. something that will save me money
3. It can be fun- they're pretty and functional!

Gift boxes! After I huffed and puffed my way through 16 boxes, that's 8 lids and 8 bottoms, I was beat! I finished and was sitting there looking at a whole lot of scrap paper. The scrapbook paper I use is originally 12 x 12", but then I cut them down to 8 x 8. I know I know.
They do have scrapbook papers that are already 8 x 8, but I didn't find any patterns that I particularly loved, so I cut them down. So, each page gives you a top/or bottom. And there are 2 pieces left over. a longer piece, and a shorter piece.

I love the paper so much, I didn't want to waste it so I came up with a couple of ideas of what to use the shorter scraps of paper for. I grabbed my rounded punch, and curved all the corners, folding the paper in half. Then I took some plain white paper, cut it a bit smaller, rounded the corners and glued it inside, making a nice little note card! These would make great inclusions with my jewelry packages, just a little note to say thanks. And I'm always looking for small sized note cards, for any occasion.
Another great idea to use the cards for, is make them into earring cards. I used my little hole punch and punched some holes on the inside right panel. See the pics above!
They look so pretty wrapped up in ribbon!

Want the directions on making your own boxes? Here's the link:

Now I have to come up with a good way to use the longer strips of scraps. Any ideas?