My additions to the Bracelet Swap

Now that the bracelets are in Erin's hands, I figured it was safe to show the additions that I made to the bracelets in the swap!

This one is my bracelet beginnings. I didn't add to this one since I already started it. I can't wait to see what this baby ends up as. So far, it's so cool. Heather couldn't have found better beads to add, the lampwork glass is perfect, and her little Humblebead adds so much pizazz!

Here is Erin's (Tesori Trovati) bracelet.
I love the color palette on this one. I added a brass ball locket on one end. On the other, I wire wrapped a couple of purple Sugalite rondelles, and wire wrapped faceted pearl dangles. I know it doesn't seem like much, but I really had to hold back since it's got 3 more people to go to for additions!

I adore Erin's (Every Heart Crafts) bracelet. It's delicate and feminine and completely a piece I would wear! I wire wrapped a couple of milk glass rounds to the chain, and put a wire wrapped faceted purple glass dangle by the leaf with a sweet silver bead cap. And then on the linen cord, I hand-knotted a few teal glass petals, and an Orange Bell lampwork glass square.

I didn't realize, until reading Heather's blog post, that Christine had only sent in the bead, leaving the interpretation totally up to us. So the faux red jade bead was the starting point to what is slowly becoming quite a show stopper! I added some wire wrapped dangles to the chain, of lime glass flowers, faceted lime glass rondelles, burgundy coin pearls, and some deep red square ceramic Mykonos beads.I then created a clasp from this cool brass button.

On Heather's bracelet, I knew I wanted to add in another pop of color to her Cherry blossom focal bead. It took some time, but I Finally settled on some faceted Garnet beads. I also added a 3 hold porcelain link from Nancy at Round Rabbit Extra, and a small silver dragonfly charm, with a wire wrapped vintage carved shell button.

What a super fun project this has been. I really have enjoyed this process and am thinking up ways to get another bracelet swap started soon. I received a lot of positive feedback in regards to people being interested in participating.
Erin has the bracelets now, she'll be blogging about them soon, and then making her additions and she'll blog about those, once Christine receives them.

Thanks for following us on this journey!


  1. what a terrific idea! and such diverse creations from the same group! you're very lucky to have collected such a talented bunch of swappers!

    I'd love to know when you're starting up again.


  2. These look incredibly awesome! I really like how all of them are progressing! I love your additions. The perfect touch to each one! I'm so in love with my bracelet, too! I love everything about it. The colors are gorgeous!

  3. Wow-- these are really progressing nicely and so creatively! The ante goes up with every addition! Thanks for the update, can't wait to get my hands on them.

  4. Beautiful additions, these are going to be fantastic!


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