New Inspiration -COMING OUT SOON!

The Spring season is slowly coming to a rainy end, and the beginning of Summer is riding on our heels. I'm about due for some new inspiration, aren't you? Welllll, you're in luck! Coming to a beadshop/craft store/ book store near you in a few weeks: the 2009 edition of Creative Jewelry, published by Interweave Press!

This issue is chock-full of new and colorful designs for the Summer season, but also has some great articles like, Do You Etsy? and also a nice section on Designing on a Dime- perfect for this current economy we're in!

Yes, you'll see my work there! 7 projects for bracelets and necklaces- and also a small feature about my ever-growing success on one of today's top leading craft selling websites, Etsy!

Better pre-order your copy now, just so you don't miss it! Click here to pre-order!


  1. this is so exciting! I can tell your pieces are great!welcome to our beadblogger group, as well!

  2. That's wonderful, CONGRATULATIONS on all of your successes! Yay! I love to see people doing things they love AND finding success too!! :)
    -Lisa C.

  3. Yea! I am so very happy for you Lorelei! You deserve all the rich blessings that are coming your way. And we all get to benefit from your eye candy! Yippee! Another book to add to my ever growing collection! Bask in it... they could pick no one better than you. Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. Anonymous6/24/2009

    congrats, that's awesome! I will definitely grab a copy.

  5. Congrats, Lorelei! I can't keep up with all of your successes this year! I'm looking forward to seeing your work here... :-)

  6. Congratulations Lorelei! Can't wait to see your work there. You are having a great year and rightly so. Your work is always creative and exciting. I never tire of looking.

  7. Congratulations Lorelei!!! I will add it to my Barnes and Noble list.


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