A new Neighbor!

This raccoon has set up house in a neighbors shed. Today was our first sighting, but the neighbors have been seeing it for a few weeks now. I shot these pics from across the street. I didn't want to alert him/her. I've never seen a raccoon other than on TV so I was fascinated!


  1. Awe...He's so cute! We have the cutest ground hog that lives in our yard. I see him most days running back and forth! I have pics of him. I should post'em.

  2. We have them around our house too. Sometimes at night they would look in the patio door and scare the crap out of me especially when the dog would go beserk. In our area they have been hit hard with distemper so be careful. If they act funny (don't run away) get away from them.
    I like the babies the best.

  3. You never see them during the day so be careful.

  4. Awww! They used to destroy our patio to get at the dog food stored in large trash cans! We had a whole family travel through our yard one night. All you could see was their glowing eyes in the trees! There must have been about 10 of them that night! One night the dogs got out the back door before the automatic patio light kicked on and then came screaming back into the house with a GIANT raccoon right on their tail right as the auto light kicked on! My scream woke the dead! They are rascally!

  5. We have deer, I don't know which is worse, racoons or deer. Do the racoons eat the plants? My mom went out yesterday to buy deer-proof plants.... I told her that they call those rocks. Who knows, maybe they'll become a source of inspiration. I can see it now, little clay racoons with striped black and gray lampworked beads, fuzzy charms, gunmetal chain, hhmmmm.....

  6. too cute...wish I could have one of these as a pet. Me thinks my house would be destroyed though! I think I'll love them from a distance:)


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