A New Twist, and a Bracelet Swap

Last night I worked on a custom order for Janet McD- Janet asked me to make a wrap Bracelet but longer, for a necklace instead. Here's the end result! Fun and Bright, and so Summer!

I will definitely have to play around with this style again. I think it will be a popular staple for anyone's jewelry box this Summer season! I included Lampwork glass from several talented artisans such as Andrew Thornton, The Orange Bell, Gardanne Beads, Blue Seraphim, Kelleys Beads,; Plus, a ceramic leaf from Every Heart Crafts, a button from Fusion Beads, Faceted green jade rondelles, a teal ceramic round, and a pressed glass leaf and faceted round.

What's next on my agenda? A bracelet Swap! Heather Powers and I decided to host a cool bracelet swap. We got together and invited a few other designers to participate.

We all started out by putting together a few key starting elements and we passed the beginnings on to Heather Powers. Heather added her special touches to each piece, and passed them all to me. Here is where they stand at this point. I am going to be adding to the bracelets this weekend so I can send them out the door to Erin Prais-Hintz.

Bracelet No. 1- This is the bracelet I started. I used a Bottle Cap bead from Garden Glass Beads, some lampwork glass wavy discs from Blue Seraphim, and a few Vintaj Brass Co. etched jump rings. Heather added a lampwork glass bead from Sue Beads, and one of her own polymer clay discs in a coordinating color.
Bracelet No.2- Here is Heather's bracelet beginnings. She used one of her polymer clay lentils with some darkened wire, and chain, and added a Mamacita Beadworks button as a charm.

Bracelet No. 3- Here is Christine's bracelet. She incorporated one of her handmade polymer clay Faux jade beads, with some brass cable chain. Heather added a little polyermer clay Humblebeads charm, and a Ceramic leaf charm from Earthenwood Studio. I am loving the color combination here!

Bracelet No. 4- Here is Erin Siegel's bracelet beginnings.; linen cord, and green stones and a silver bicone. Heather added some gunmetal chain to the linen cord, added a humblebeads disc bead in teal, hand-tied some more stones, and added one of Erin's ceramic leaf charms!

Bracelet No. 5 Here is Erin Prais-Hintz's bracelet beginnings. Erin created her own clasp and added bunches of wire wrapped beads to the top of it. Hammered brass links were also part of Erins' original design. Heather added some wire wrapped lampwork discs from Blue Seraphim, and one of her own Humblebeads lime lentil beads.

Everyone will end up with the original bracelet that they started, each a collaboration of 5 talented designers. This little project is a blast and I can't wait to do it again!! I am looking forward to adding my little special touches to each one.


  1. Looks like lots of fun! I can't wait to see the finished bracelets!

  2. Thanks for posting this, Lorelei! I was so curious as to the progress of our little project-- I'm very excited with the results so far!

  3. Awesome! They are all beautiful and it is SUCH a great idea!!! You are in great company!

  4. Yippee! I am so psyched to finally see the second stage reveal! This is so very awesome! I am still so honored to be playing with my new bead-y friends. I love how they are all so very different and a perfect complement to the style of each designer. Stay tuned for phase three from me!
    Oh, and if you are inclined, I am hosting a June Giveaway to celebrate my 2nd anniversary. Come by and comment!
    Enjoy the day!


  5. The summery necklace is pretty and each bracelet is so cool and unique!

  6. Super excellent idea!!

  7. What an excellent idea - your bracelets are all so beautiful - what a priceless piece of art you will each have.

  8. These are already looking absolutely awesome - what a great project! I am looking forward to seeing your additions!

  9. Anonymous6/12/2009

    great idea, can't wait to see the finished pieces!

  10. Ohhh very Nice works on the bracelets...way cool! I like the necklace you made for me! Thank you its lovely! x

  11. What a wonderful idea. If you ever do it again, I would love to participate ;)

    Can't wait to see the finished bracelets.


  12. incredibly great collaboration - it will be so interesting to see each person's mark on the pieces... thank you so much for showing the progress...

  13. That bottlecap bead is amazing- I wonder how it's made?

  14. Corvus if you want more information on the bottlecap bead, go to www.glassgardenbeads.com or check out the July issue of BeadStyle magazine. There is a patent pending on the tool they use.

    Back to the bracelets. Awesome. I to can't wait to see the finished bracelets. Will there be more bracelet swaps and will others be allowed to play?
    Creatively yours,jeannie

  15. hi jeannie!
    because of so much positive interest in this project, i am thinking of how to go about starting a new swap. maybe a first come first serve, or a contest or something. any suggestions?

  16. I would do a monthly swap limited to X amount of people(4-5) for quality and crowd control issues.
    Too much going back and forth is too hard to keep track of. Just pick different people every month so everyone gets a turn. Or first come first serve like you suggested. Just let us know which one.
    The designers in this contest are equally skilled, but with their own unique signature talents.


    Handle like a contest with a theme. Start a flickr group(like ABS) and we can upload the start of our bracelets. You choose the winners(4-5) This way you can have the bracelet swap wrapped up by the end of the month to start a new one.


    I would encourage anyone with a blog to start their own bracelet/earring swap with their own followers. This way they can make up their own rules.

    Lorelei, I'm available to help you implement and navagate this.


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