This bracelet design started out as one of my wrap bracelets. Until I got all the way to the end, and went to pull the leather knot tight with my chain nose pliers, and SNAP! goes the leather. Cut it right where I didn't want it to be cut. gah! So, I improvised, and just string it like a normal bracelet, onto the cording.
The Poison charm was made by my friend Lola of The Lola Collection. She's not producing these anymore, so they are one of a kind, and I have the last of them, so when they're gone, they're really GONE!
Anyhoo, this edgy bracelet is for sale on in my Artfire shop.


  1. Oh wow! This is hot! Love it.

  2. Wicked cool, Lorelei! I love that you had to improvise. That is what being a creative is all about. Love the dice and the great mix of colors. Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Super Fun!! You are so creative :)



  4. Anonymous6/25/2009

    Love, love, LOVE it.

  5. ohhhhhh I'm loving your dark side!! Super edgy and fun all at the same time.

  6. Anonymous6/25/2009

    Lorelei, check out my last blog post... you are in it! ;)

  7. Love that Bad Girl vibe--brilliant use of the materials!

  8. Olá!
    Lindos trabalhos!
    Pelos meus lados continua a participação dos professores nos jogos tradicionais, depois uma pausa para uma sobremesa fresquinha, de sabor tropical... O trabalhinho mistério vai andando devagarinho... Vamos relembrar também Fred Astaire + Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal e Michael Jackson + West Side Story...


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