Simple Project for Orphans

I have been having fun making these leather wrap bracelets. It's such an easy project, and perfect for those one of a kind beads that you have in your stash. The best part is putting together a bunch of different elements, whether they be metal beads, or artists beads- the possiblities are endless. You can go with a color scheme, or a theme like Summer Flower Garden, or Beachy Paradise, or you could even do a Goth theme with dice, and skulls. (oooh now there's an idea!!) or how bout a Steampunk theme!?

I made this wrap bracelet last night for a blog reader who was disappointed yesterday when the one that I listed sold in a matter of minutes. I hope Mari is reading today, to see I have custom made her one and listed in the shop here.

I always start with a really extra long piece of leather cord. At one end, attach a shank button of your choice. I like to use buttons from Mamacita Beadworks, but you can use anything that correlates to your them. Tie a secure knot and sometimes it's smart to dab a little craft glue on the knot, just in case. Trim the tail, but not too close to the knot.
Now start tying knots into the cord, with beads in between the knots. Keep going and keep testing it on your wrist, to make sure it wraps twice. You could even do one that wraps three times, and wear it as a necklace too! Be sure to remember that over time, the leather cord will stretch, so it's good to go a little tight at first.
At the end, tie a loop into the leather that will fit the button. Dab o' glue, trim the tail. VOILA!


  1. OMG!! It reminds me of my secret beautiful garden. My secret garden is my family's favorite place in our house. You hit the jackpot!!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  2. Such a good idea and thanks for the how to! This is one is so fun and playful.

  3. Such a great bracelet idea!

    I made some wrap bracelets a few years ago from inspiration from a magazine and Bead & Button - except I used thicker pieces of suede cord and poked holes through the suede to wire the beads on.

    I'll have to try this method!

  4. Awesome! Thanks for sharing this idea! So pretty and I'm always looking for ways to use those orphan beads.

  5. I love these, thank you for the instructions, I'll have to try this on my ever-growing bunch of orphaned beads!

  6. That's really cute! I may have to try that sometime...I also find that wire crochet is a great way to use old bead stash items...But, I am always up for a new way to play with my beads!

  7. Anonymous6/01/2009

    cool bracelet!
    i like making bracelets using the thicker suede and use my fine silver metal charms.
    thanks for sharing.

  8. Hey Lorelei

    I'm another one who was disappointed to see the bracelet was already sold! Thanks for the instructions...this looks like a fun project! Now I need to see what buttons I have....

  9. I kept waiting to hear about the orphans. Were they Ugandan? Botswanan? Then I got it. Little slow today. I recently cannibalized a wrap necklace I made some time ago with waxed linen, it was like four feet long. I love the airy look with the beads/knots spaced out some. Didn't think to make a button and loop closure though, that would make more sense. It could work better as a belt that way too.

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  11. Can you tell its finals week around here. I meant great use of THAT lampwork flower Lorelei. Now back to cracking the whip.

  12. Wonderful idea and I will have to try it with all the hemp cord that I have! Also, I did receive the bead and they are beautiful!!!! I have been rather busy worrying about house and packing to mention this earlier!!! yipes!

    Funky Monkey Girl,

  13. Oh wow, I love this!! What a great combination of beads, PERFECTION!


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