So Far So Good

2 new bracelets now listed in my shop!

I am faring okay with Joe gone, keeping quite busy. Yesterday I cleaned out my closet, threw away a lot of old clothes, put away the sweaters and wool dress pants, brought out the shorts and t-shirts. Reorganized my closet back to a useable space, ironed some wrinkled clothes. It was a HUGE task and took approx. 4 hours. I'm taking 3 bags of clothes and 1 bag of shoes to the salvation army today. whew!

I saw a couple of movies over the weekend, He's Just Not that Into You. It was on Movies on Demand, and I liked it. It was entertaining and funny and had a great cast. I went to the movies with Tara on Saturday and we saw The Proposal. Another good romantic comedy. Great cast, and really funny. Loved it.

I stopped at Barnes and Noble on Friday- I try to stop in once a week just to peruse the magazines, and see what's new in the jewelry books. I ended up buying a new book- Secret Life of Bees, and have been reading it almost non-stop. It's got my attention and that's huge. I have read a book in months. I also found a HUGE clearance table where I found the most awesome Presentation book- Vera Bradley sells some special items at B&N and I have eyed this presentation book before. It's perfect to showcase the magazine articles I've written so far. I figured I could leave it out on my table when I set up my small Trunk show at the museum next monday.


  1. Hi Lorelei
    Great new bracelets...I really like the leather. Those must be some large-beads. I read "Secret Life of Bees" as well and it was really'll enjoy the movie too. Your presentation book is a GREAT idea! Knowing you, you'll have it filled in no time!

  2. Isn't it funny how sometimes you can get more done without the hubby around? Sounds like you got a LOT accomplished - congrats :o)

    I really like the presentation book you got at Barnes & Noble...We hit the clearance table at one last night. My original plan was to pick up a couple of mags, but then Thomas spotted the clearance tables...But, I did find a beading book for 1/2 off and a couple of others...Gotta love clearance!

  3. Sometimes it's nice to have that time to yourself and be productive.

    I read SLofBees a while back and just recently, saw the movie, which was also really good.

    Great find at Barnes & Noble! It'll be nice to have at your shows.

  4. What a great idea to do a presentation book...such a pretty one! The movie of Secret Life of Bees is well cast and very true to the story. You will like it.
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Hi Lorelei! love your new bracelets, they're beautiful. Am wanting to make a necklace reflecting summer and bees. As I look through your bracelets, I get so many ideas. :)

    Secret Life of Bees is wonderful and a great summer read. As a beekeeper I have to tell you that the descriptions of beekeeping are accurate, too!

  6. Look at you...with the leather. LOVE these!!! My kind of style.
    You did get a lot done. I haven't even gotten that far with the clothes. The weather is so weird. It's just so rainy and cold here right now, I can't put the sweaters away yet!
    Love the presentation book! I'm going to have to look for one of those!

  7. Will you come clean my closet, pretty please?

    The presentation book is beautiful as are your bracelets!

    Secret Life of Bees is a fascinating book. I think I read it in a day, a day with nothing else done while Peter was away. If you like that book, and haven't already read it, you should try the Mermaid's Chair next.

  8. LOVE your new bracelets! The Secret Lives of Bees is GREAT! Sounds like a fun a productive weekend! Happy Monday!

  9. I have yet to read the Secret Lives of Bees and have heard so many good things about the book. It's about time I sit down and read it..good for the summer! I really like your green bracelet..both of them and the presentation book works perfectly for showcasing your articles!

    Thanks so much for the tweet on the giveaway we're having! I'm a new twitterer (is that what you call us?) so it's all new territory for me!


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