42 hours of Uncomfortable

Never a dull moment, I tell ya! But, this was my first stay in a hospital and I can only describe it one word.
My sister came to stay with me for 4 days while Joe went down to Connecticut to do some stuff for his Mom. I wanted Franny to keep me company while Joe was away. Little did she know that this would be what she woke up to Wednesday morning.
When I woke up Wednesday I felt the dreaded heart flutters, but totally worse that ever before. I have had these flutters maybe 2-3 other times in the past 8 months. Didn't ever think anything of it before. Yes, it was scary but Wednesday felt different. I got down the stairs and immediately needed to sit down and rest in the living room before making it to the coffee machine in the kitchen. I thought to myself, "This can't be a good sign" I felt light-headed, and got the hot sweats; felt like I was going to pass out, on top of the flutters. It felt like my heart wasn't doing the normal Ba-bump, Ba-bump. But was doing more of a BibbityBobbityBumpdeBump. "That can't be right"
After a call to the boss, and a call to Joe, I called Fran on her cell phone, as I was on the couch and she was in the bedroom upstairs.

She answers: "hullo?"
Me: Hi Sweetie. Mornin'!
Fran: "Morning!"
Me: I'm not at work, I'm downstairs.
Fran: "OH?
Me:" Yea um, gonna need you to do me a favor. Can you get dressed quick and come down to take me the emergency room?"
Fran: "WHAAAT!?!"

And off we jetted to the local St. Elizabeth's hospital. After checking in and getting into a room, they determined my heart rate was all over place, and as high as 160. They immediately checked me in for the night. GAH. Hooked up to IVs in both arms, and I think they did labwork on me 5 times while I was there. Sleeping was impossible. I was not a happy patient. I just about jumped out of the bed and hugged the cariologist today when he finally sauntered in at 1 pm and told me I could go home. The night nurse had said " Oh I doubt they'll let you go home tomorrow, prolly keep you one more night for sure" Did I mention I was NOT HAPPY?

So after all that, it was determined that this might have been triggered by low Potassium in my system. I was prescribed a Beta Blocker called Zebeta, and told to eat more Potassium and I have to go back in to see the Cardiologist on Wednesday. I feel fine now that I'm home, just tired. The hardest 2 things about being in the hospital. Couldn't drink coffee, so that resulted in a very sever caffeine headache for the past 2 days. Joe and I have decided to quit drinking java, SCARY THOUGHT... but just can't do it anymore. So we'll do that half caff thing for a while and wein ourselves off of it.
The other tough thing was pulling the goddamned tape and sticker things off before I left today. MY GOSH! Don't think they could make that tape any stickier. It was close to impossible to remove and I think it took a top layer of skin off with it. GAH.

The picture above was requested by me.
Me: "Franny! take my picture, this is a blog worthy moment!"
Fran: " You sure!?? HAHAH! ok! But send me a link so I can read it!"



  1. Lorelei I am glad to hear you are back home and resting. Saying prayers for your recovery.

  2. I knew that something was happening!!!! You know, daily early morning I turn on my computer and check my list of favorite blogs. Lorelei I am sincere when I say that yours is always the first to review. I used to see your blog early and enjoy the pieces you put on your Etsy shop almost daily. You always post something new on your blog before you go to work and put the pieces that you made the previous day at Etsy. When you travel you announce it. But this time without any notice you stop posting on every morning. Thank God everything is all right. Take care. We miss you!!! I’m a big fan!!!

  3. Glad to hear you are ok and back home.
    Obviously toooo much excitement over new breads and techniques (evil grin)

  4. I hope that they have the problem all figured out and have the proper treatment. Feel good! Love your jewelry!!

  5. glad to hear you're home and healthy(er). best of luck in your recovery.

    I also had some low potassium issues last summer and ended up in the hospital with muscle spasms whenever I tried to breathe. one of the tastiest sources of potassium is bananas, so bake lots of banana bread and eat them with your cereal! lol

  6. You poor baby! I hope you are feeling better, I can't believe your dedication to your blog after being in the hospital, but we all appreciate it.
    Please no handling of pretty beads or jewelry until your meds kick in.
    Love ya!!!!

  7. Scary! You had quite the spectrum of scary sh$% going on--I'd be going to the ER too! Glad it wasn't serious. Goofed up electrolytes can definitely cause problems, esp. potassium. Low K can cause a lot of muscle weakness too. If you drink a lot of water you might want to sub in some gatorade instead. Oh!--a yummy coffee substitute that's high in potassium is Teeccino. I'm a coffee snob and I love the stuff. Check it out (grocery store will usually have it).

  8. Poor, L! That does sound kinda scary! Fran and Joe must have been beside themselves with worry! I hope the condition is just as simple as the low Potassium and too much caffeine in your system. I know I have felt flutters from drinking too much caffeine before. Rest up and relax. I hope you are taking the day off of work tomorrow to rest! xoxo

  9. Oh No! I'm worried about you! Eat bananas! Drink Gatorade. Don't listen to me, I'm not a doctor!

  10. Oh my gosh!That is so crazy!
    I'm so glad your okay.

  11. Glad you are home and feeling better. I too have never been a patient in the hosp.unfortunately I have plans for that next week...ugh!
    Stay well!

  12. What a scare but I'm so glad everything is ok. You need to treat yourself to a big margarita (if that's allowed with the new meds). :) Take it easy girl!

  13. holy cow lorelei...i'm glad you are home, resting and doing well...weird thing is that my husband had a similar thing happen to him not too long ago...very weird but nonetheless scary...

    stay well and eat lots of bananas...

  14. I HATE the hospital and I just spent 3 days in there with my mom, so I understand what the word "uncomfortable" means. I would write more, but just scroll up and read Mari's comment....Ditto...
    Get well soon!

  15. Glad you are home and feeling better! I know what you mean about the tape and stuff they use - they must have access to special formulas that no one else has (I had marker on my foot for almost 2 months because it wouldn't wash off...)...

    But, I digress...I am SO glad that you are home and doing better! Like everyone else said, eat lots of bananas (what an excuse to eat yummy stuff like banana bread and banana splits!) and take care of you!

  16. Oh what an ordeal but I'm SOOOO glad it appears to be corrected and you're on the mend.
    Only you would think - take my picture, it is a blog worthy moment!
    take care my friend

  17. Awww, sorry you were stuck in the hospital! Glad you're back on the road to being ok again :) If you need a banana chocolate chip loaf recipe just let me know!

  18. Good thoughts are with you! Here's to a speedy recovery (not too speedy though - don't rush things) so you can get back to your regular routine. Nothing like a bump in the road to make us appreciate things more, huh?

  19. Glad your home and feeling better.

  20. I'm so glad you're alright and so sorry about the scare. Hospitals are are the worst-- airplanes are a close second;)
    Take care of that potassium!

  21. Anonymous7/30/2009

    Oh darlin', don't you go scaring us like this! We worry about you. So sorry that happened, and glad you are home. Please please take care of yourself.

  22. Hi there! So glad you are feeling better! I promise that once you get past the idea of coffee deprivation, after a short period of time, you won't miss it!! If you are like me, there are plenty of other addictions to take its place. I'm close to a pack of sugarless gum a day myself :)

    Take care!!!

  23. Lorelei my husband just got out of the hospital too yesterday! Thru the roof high blood pressure so his work sent him to hospital in the ambulance! They did all kinds of tests, will too see the cardiologist again, but next time in the Drs office. They adjusted his meds and gave him an anxiety med when needed. gads. Can never Not pray enuf! Im so glad youre ok L. Bless you.x

  24. oh my goodness! I am so glad you are o.k. I am not a fan of the hospital stay either! I have only had to stay overnight once and it was definitely uncomfortable!

  25. So should we start sending you bananas? I'm on the decaf now, as I had a similar scare last year! Glad you are back home and feeling better!

  26. Hey Gal! Sorry about the "no coffee" but how about substituting a banana smoothie! Seriously, sloww down and take care of yourself. We want you around for a long time.


  27. Anonymous7/31/2009

    glad you're back home, now take good care of yourself :)

  28. We have something in common..I had heart flutters that started last winter and I take a beta blocker everyday too!
    Its scary when it happens!!!
    Take care ..rest and stay away from the computer! ;)(yea right)

  29. Sounds like quite a scare. Thank goodness you sought help and they found the right meds for you. Better living through modern chemistry :)
    Rest well and come back when you're ready.

  30. Oh my gosh! That is so scary! At least you knew to go to the ER and they were able to figure out what it was! You will be in my thoughts and prayers as you continue to regain your strength!

  31. take care of yourself dear Lorelei! sending good thoughts your way.

  32. Feel better, rest, get well soon.
    Sure glad you decided to get checked out by a doctor. Low potassium...interesting. Hope that diagnosis does the trick. :)

  33. Glad to hear you are back home! Sounds like you need to make some adjustments - after all, you have to take care of yourself! Hope you will be feeling back to normal soon.
    I'm not going to mention bananas, everyone else already did (I sure hope you don't have an aversion - some people do)!

  34. Get better soon, Lori. I know the coffee thing is hard, but it is more important that you feel ok. We missed you. Take good care. Nicki

  35. Anonymous7/31/2009

    You're special, and I am glad you are okay. Go make some heart-themed jewelry and rejoice!

  36. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better. I hope that the doctor gets everything worked out and you can get back to normal!!

  37. I am so glad that everything was ok (kind of) and that you are home!

  38. You guys are awesome. thank you so much!! I appreciate your well wishes.

    give me ideas for high potassium foods. I HATE BANANAS! I need other ideas!

  39. Lorelei
    I was sure wondering where you were..never would I have guessed the hospital. What a horrible experience to go through...very scary! I'm glad you're home safe and sound. Please take care of yourself and get some rest. :-)
    {{hugs!!}} - Cindy

  40. Glad to hear you're ok!
    That tape stuff is ridiculous - they actually tore a chunk of skin off the back of my grandfather's hand once because of that stuff (he has pretty weak skin due to a bunch of medications). Needless to say he wasn't terribly impressed.

    Take care!

  41. Oh my, Lorelei! There must be something in the air, or stars or SOMETHING - 3 people in my family ended up in your same predicament over the last month - my father's full blown heart attack, and then my mother and brother in law's symptoms that both turned out to be acid reflux. No matter what the diagnosis, it is a scary, wake up and smell the half-caff coffee moment.
    Hope you are doing well, and back to beading in no time.

  42. Must have been so scary! Glad you're ok! And that your sister was with you!

    If your heart ever races or tachs again, try "bearing down" (kind of clenching your chest and abdominal muscles) - it works for me.

  43. Wow, what a shock to find out you were in the hospital! Get better!! Rest! Sending healing thoughts and vibes your way!

  44. Obviously we are all relieved to hear from you dear! I am so glad that you are out of the stinkin' hospital and someplace you can finally rest.

    Do take all the time you need.
    Do take good care of yourself.
    Do let others take care of you too.

    I have a fantastic recipe of my own for Chocolate Chunk Banana Nut Crunch bread (chocolate makes everything better!)
    Found a list of potassium rich foods for you:
    citrus fruits
    soy products
    veggie burgers
    Enjoy the day, dear friend!

  45. So glad that you're okay now. Your experience sounds typical though - no way to get any sleep, people sticking you with needles at odd hours, sticky tape that rips your skin off. Yep. Been there, done that. Again, glad you're okay. Oh, and bananas. Eat lots and lots of bananas to get your potassium up.

  46. Glad to hear you're better Lorelei! I was surprised when I noticed you hadn't blogged in a few days, but I thought you had just decided to take a little break...I even mentioned that I was a little concerned to my fiance!

    My doctor had told me that spinach is even better for potassium than bananas, and you should consume vitamin C with it so it gets absorbed better.

    Good luck with the caffeine thing...I stopped drinking coffee a while back because it was upsetting my stomach. Now I drink Teccino, which is not coffee (no caffeine), but tastes like it. It's really good, you should try it! It is usually found at health food stores.


  47. Glad you are Ok and at home. I had to laugh at the "blog worthy" moment because I totally get it. I probably would have done the same thing.

  48. Anonymous8/01/2009

    So glad your home. Get some rest, we need you back in the studio. You're my inspiration muse.

  49. Anonymous8/02/2009

    The best part of this was: the first thing she said when we got to the hospital was "this is seriously screwing up by beading schedule!"

    That my friends is when you know you are indeed an addict. :)

    -The little sister: Frances

  50. I suffer from these things myself...I take mega-doses of Vitamin D, C and most importantly, a product called Natural Calm that has lots of Magnesium and Potassium in it...haven't been bothered with them since...good luck and hope you feel better.


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