Anniversary Presents

It never fails. Joe and I always end up making a big, extravagant, totally spontaneous purchase of something on our anniversary. Last year it was a full patio furniture set for the front porch.

This year- THESE! A set of two JM Young Arts and Crafts Morris chairs. Sunday morning we were contemplating what to do for the day, since it was our anniversary. I threw out the idea of a little antiquing, get out of the house, possibly find some keys, jars of buttons, jewelry types of items. He seemed into that so off we headed to Madison Bouckville to check out the antique shops.

After a few shops, and several key purchases later, we stumble upon these chairs. Joe was immediately smitten. You should have seen the glimmer in his eye as he was checking them out and asking me endlessly, Don't you LOVE these?

Well come to find out, I did! I haven't seen something like this before and they definitely weren't your typical Furniture store, mission- style chairs! They have character. What first sold me was the cool contraptions on the backs that allow the chair to recline at several different angles.

This long bar with balls on each end, fit into the notches which hold the wooden slatted back. So very cool!

Don't mind Marley, she's just checkin out the smells.

These actually were pulled from a lodge up at Big Moose Lake in the Adirondacks. The woman that owned them is going into a nursing home and ended up transferring them to the antique shop where we bought them.

Okay, so they don't smell too too bad, but they do smell dusty and damp. We vacuumed them up and sprayed a hefty dose of Febreeze on them. The cushions are in rough shape. We hope to be able to either have new cushions made or re-upholster the ones that are here.

I liked this final feature the best. Tucked away under the chairs is a pull-out foot rest! How cool is that?

The chair had some loose brackets but Joe got them all tightened up when we go home and then found some Liquid polishing spray and cleaned up the wood.

I am really excited. These are going to go in the front living room by the fire place. My sister is coming to take away our old couch and recliner in a week or two, for her new apartment up at school. I'm thinking we'll probably also end up getting a small loveseat to also add to this room for additional seating.

Happy Anniversary to us!

In other news, I've removed all of my jewelry except for the Reserved pieces, for my small trunk show at the Museum's gift shop today. I'll relist whatever doesn't sell, tonight when I get home. I hope some of it sells, it's time for new stock in my shop. If I have a lot left, look forward to a bit of sale once I get them back into my etsy shop.


  1. Lovely! What a nice anniversary present to yourselves!

  2. Nice chairs! We got some mission style chairs for our house when we moved in...We saw some we liked in one of the model homes and went out and got some for ourselves...They are so comfy - Thomas loves his - and the cats love the nice wide armrests on ours...

    Good luck at your trunk show :o)

  3. What a great find!
    Can't wait to hear about the trunk show - take pics!

  4. What a find and to find a matched pair in great condition is even better. I would have snapped them up too. I love Morris chairs. Don't you just love that quarter sawn mellow old oak in them? See I am prattling on. That is because this really is my favourite period of design.

    Good luck at the trunk show!

  5. happy anniversay... and what a fabulous purchase... not only are the chairs awesome in-and- of themselves, but you will always remember when and why you got them! the best...

  6. Those chairs are so cool - I've never seen a mission style like them, especially with the foot rest.
    Sell a bundle today!

  7. Those are going to be spectacular when you spruce them up. What treasures! Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. Happy anniversary! I love those chairs. Arts and Crafts period, Mission furniture. Those are things I like. Good luck with your trunk show.

  9. Nice find! Happy Anniversary!

  10. Awesome find and good luck on your show and happy anniversary!

    Funky Monkey Girls,

  11. Hey Lorelei, Happy anniversary. Love the chairs and I'm pretty envious. We have fake mission pieces and love them anyway. One of our pieces is a loveseat. It would go great with your new chairs.


  12. Sounds like a great anniversary...and you'll always remember these chairs from your special day. Randy and I are like that too..spontaneous furniture purchases, boy are we running out of room. Can't wait to hear about your trunk show...doubt there will be anything left! :-)

  13. Nice chairs and happy anniversary! Just goes to show that you never know what you're going to find... One of my goals is to learn how to fix up old furniture (having a yard to do a little work would help). Do you know what kind of upholstery you're going to do them in?

  14. It must have been fate! Two such unique chairs and on the perfect day too.

  15. Hey Amy
    I don't really know what I'll re-upholster them with. I'm thinking something deep burgundy red. My first choice would be leather but that's way out of our budget.

  16. They are named Morris chairs after the fabulous Renaissance man William Morris... You could accent the new upholstery job with little pillows in a Morris patterned cloth. His fabric designs are still being produced after 100+ years! What a great find!


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