Evolution of a studio. Yet again.

The other day I had said to Joe how I wanted to get an old book case for my studio. You know, to stash some pretty things, and also have a nice space where I could utilize the shelves for packing materials, and crafting materials. I asked him where he thought I could find something like that and he says - non-chalantly.... There is a bookcase in the basement. SO! I ran down and what I found was an old, dusty opened back wooden bookcase. Down across the back was a board nailed on at an angle to keep the whole the square. I figured, well that might work. After we both had gone down and cleared it off of old junk and an inch of dust, the angled board on the back just wasn't doing it for me. I asked Joe if he could take that off and put something else on the back. He said, I have just the thing. I said can you paint it? and he said Sure! We went and picked out a nice bright lime color that I knew would look great with the Vintage map blue.

After a few hours of working on it, he asked if I wanted a piece of crown molding along the time. SURE! He lined the back with wainscotting, and attached the molding. The end result, a beautiful, solid painted bookshelf that totally embodies the cottage type feel that I love about my studio. You just never know what you can find in the basement I guess!

Here is a little video tour of my studio as it is now.

The noise you hear in the video is the creaky hardwood floors. They are sooo loud!
I didn't realize it until I watched the video! ;)

Just a warning, I will be removing all items from my shop for my trunk show on Monday.

So if you've been holding out for something, come Monday it may be snatched out from under you. Just sayin'!

This lovely is headed into the shop today.

Hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July!


  1. the bookcase turned out very snazzy! you go, joe! happy 4th of july guys! :)

  2. The bookcase turned out great! Happy 4th!

  3. Love the bookcase! It just shows how a little bit of color can make a room pop...Just goes to show that you don't have to paint a wall some crazy color to make it look unique :o)

  4. Don't you love when everything it tucked away in its right place and it feels so clean and fresh after and update? I just cleaned up my beading area as well and made a trip to IKEA for some much needed supplies to make it feel just a little bit better. :)

  5. Love the bookcase, cause I love that color, and the colors in this necklace are so earthy and pretty! :)
    Happy 4TH !

  6. Anonymous7/04/2009

    you seem to have the nicest husband - is he always this supportive?

  7. Great bookcase! I love repurposing and refurbishing. Kudos to Joe for the handy, supportive guy that he is.

  8. bookcase came out awesome! love the challenge of a found object... and your studio is enviably neat! :0) new necklace is really cool - love the pendant from chinook - great colors...

  9. aren't guys handy? that joe deserves a piece of chocolate cake! your studio is coming along very nicely.

  10. Love the bookcase, wish I had space for such cute things in my space! I'm about to blog about the necklace, looks great!
    (mariedodd-thanks for recognizing my pendant!)

  11. Anonymous7/05/2009

    Oh, I just loved the studio tour! It looks so cheerful lovely. Definitely a place where the creative juices can flow. Good job!

  12. Your studio looks so bright and airy I love it. Bookcases are so functional. So what color was it before you painted it?

  13. The bookcase looks wonderful. I'm a big fan of turning old things new again.


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