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Pewter Butterfly focal- Lynn Davis
I sat down with a goal today. I wanted to do some things that were requested in the giveaway comments, on what you'all wanted to see show up in my etsy shop. I created several pair of earrings, a couple of bracelets, and incorporated some brighter colors, all the while, sticking to my usual style. I am excited to list the newbies, But I've run out of steam. Go to my flickr page to see the new stuff.
The past week has been hard- sales are really really slow right now. Is it just me? Are you having the same experience on Etsy? Why must it be so unpredictable, so up and down!? Where the heck have all the shoppers gone! Are they waiting for something new? Are they tired of the same ol' same ol'? Maybe the economy really is taking its toll on my usual customers.
At any rate, it's hard to keep creating new stuff, when you haven't really sold any of the older stuff.
Just venting. I know I can do that here. My blog readers are very good about being all supportive and stuff.


  1. Oh Lorelei! You know that we love you! Your new pieces are really something....the colors are a complete departure from what I am used to seeing from you, but they are still totally you.

    I wore my earrings and the world traveler bracelet yesterday. I like knowing the artist that put this together with her two talented hands. A piece of art on my wrist! (And about as close as I will ever get to being a world traveler!)

    Enjoy the day!

  2. I love the new stuff, especially the layered leaves earrings.

    Sales do seem pretty slow, with a few unexpected flourishes of activity. It does make one a little crazy. I always try to tell myself that the slow times are the time to create - sometimes it even works - but frustration and insecurity always beset me at such times.

  3. Anonymous7/18/2009

    You have a lot of nerve to whine and complain about your lack of sales. So what? Other jewelry designers far more talented than you are having a tough time as well. Begging for sales? Maybe you should stand on a street corner and hawk your wares.

  4. Hello Lorelei,

    Pay no attention to that previous Anonymous poster--if s/he is too embarrassed to sign a name, then s/he isn't worth the trouble of reading the nasty remarks. Just delete 'em out of your mind!

    Love ya gal!

  5. I think it is the time of year. Summer is hot and most have already bought for summer wardrobe.
    I am usually slow from now till back to school. Which is just around the corner, is it just me or has the summer flown by?

  6. Anonymous7/18/2009

    Not the same anonymous ! That individual was nasty for no reason.....
    I am a regular reader of your blog and it seems that your jewelery career is really on the move up and you are getting great cross blog and magazine coverage-
    Keep the faith - your creations are one of a kind and so creative - and it probably is just the climate

  7. Hi Lorelei
    I'm normally just a quiet reader, but I wanted to let you know I love all the new pieces you made. I hope it's just slow since it's summer.
    Take care

  8. Wow, seems like it would take a lot of nerve to leave such a nasty comment. But perhaps that is lack of integrity that goes along with posting anonymously with harsh & unfounded words.

    I think your work is awesome and I enjoy seeing how it is constantly changing. You come up with so many great ideas and unique designs. For making all of this jewelry, taking the time to photograph all of it (during the good daylight hours), upload the pics and then list the items in your shops and blog about them, I wonder when you have free time...

  9. Lorelei, you rock. I love your work and your blog. I think up and down is the nature of the beast in sales. We are always miserably slow at work from about a month into summer until school starts again. People get out of their regular routines (and away from their computers!) during the summer. They will be back! P.S. trolls suck!

  10. Anonymous7/18/2009

    Maybe summer is slower because of vacations and extra expenses for those with kids at home. (Okay, maybe that is just me.)

    Don't give too much thought to the uncalled for comment by "anonymous". Maybe that person is going through some financial difficulties and just took it out on you.

    Hang in there, you have great design ideas and sales will pick up.


  11. Lorelei, I don't think it could possibly be are always reinventing yourself and coming up with something beautiful.

  12. Anonymous7/19/2009

    lorelei, as an etsy seller, do you have access to statistics about the average $/sale over the whole site (or by category, such as jewelry)?

    i was looking at a website that collects stats about the highest volume sellers, and it seemed that a lot of them have items that are creative, distinct, but low cost/low price, e.g., scrabble tile pendants. in particular, many had a uniform product in a bazillion choices of color or design.

    not suggesting in any way that you lower your prices or make your work more uniform (never!) - just wondering how well other sellers do with creative, distinct, and higher cost (to make) items such as yours - and it would be fascinating if you had access to statistics across etsy as a whole.

    in some ways, it seems as if your most ardent fans are jewelry-makers themselves, who often are making their own because they don't have the money to spend on others' finished products, except for special occasions or special pieces - and who often appreciate just why something costs what it does because they know the time it takes and the cost of the materials.

    i might be case in point - read your blog several times a week (and look forward to it), love your etsy site and your work (especially love how you model each piece - it's so important to see how it hangs) - but haven't bought yet because i don't always have the $, or think, 'hmmmm, maybe i could make something like that instead of buying it' - but i'm certain i will buy from you someday!

    sincerely, mary (big fan)

  13. I have to agree with Mary, I really love your work, but right now, I don't have the spare money to buy any jewelry - or if I did, that would mean I couldn't buy supplies for my own, and I'm far too addicted to jewelry-making to let that happen.

    And ignore that Anonymous, people who post nasty things without their name are cowards, probably he or she is just jealous of your talent and did never manage to sell a single thing himself.

  14. Oh My Goodness! I feel so sorry for that person! It must feel horrible to be so angry or jealous.

    You know you Rock! And so does everyone else! :-) *hugs*

  15. L,
    I think a girl should be able to express exactly how she feels on her OWN blog, without being attacked! I mean, really! Geesh!

    We are not jewelry-making robots, here! We have feelings and emotions, ups and downs!
    One of the things that is so appealing about your blog and your jewelry is that we get to see the thinking and feeling person behind it all. I mean we are all human! Express how you feel. This is what brings us all closer and connects us to one another.

  16. I think that it's probably a combination of "doom and gloom" economy thinking, summer, and the cannibalistic nature of Etsy! The previous poster who said that very cheap (and I mean that not always just re: price) items tend to keep selling is accurate, it seems that most Etsy shoppers are looking for that bargain- not necessarily quality. Of course there are exceptions and there are many higher priced shops with very high quality and unique products that do great business.

    I think your attempts to diversify where your jewelry is listed is a smart move and getting out there for the trunk shows, etc for the "in person" shoppers is a good way to make up for slow times. Jewelry sales are always cyclical and tend to peak around those shopping holidays.

    It's ok for some jewelry items to sit for a while, the person who's meant to wear them just hasn't come across them yet!

  17. Hey Lorelei,

    It is a tough time right now, I just told my husband no birthday present for me this year. Other etsy sellers I have talked to have said the same thing, so its not just you. I am selling beads, but my jewelry is very slow. I am trying to be patient, jewelry is the most competitive category and it will just take some time to get a following.
    Keep enjoying what you do, that is what makes it all worth it.

  18. Hi Lorelei,
    Ive been working alot and have just got to read this. Summers slow I think. Ive seen a few pcs Id like to buy but man alive Ive got to come up with some serious cash to straighten out the end of a legal matter for my 20 yr old Son. My cash is so gone right now! No fun! lol But he is my heart and we do for our own....I work at Michaels as the Event coordinator and I see so many many people all the time buying jewellery findings! I think 3/4 of this countrys making their own jewellery? But you have real Talent. Hang in there Lorelei!
    Huggs xx
    No need for other people to say nasty comments on your blog...stuff them!

  19. Awww one more thing...I think Lorelei your prices are pretty GRAND. Lampwork a string of 5 or 6 beads is $25 to $45.00 maybe higher. Not cheap. I can see that you really have alot of monies into your jewellery sales. Stashs like yours cost. Things are slow for everyone just now but attacking someone like was done to you is in such bad foul taste! Why are you in many magazines and on a book cover? Bc you are very talented! Keep it up Lorelei xox

  20. Lorelei, I have to thank you for the beautiful bracelet you created! That little butterfly charm looks super fantastic.

    Summers are slow and lazy for most people, I'm thinking ahead now for the holiday rush, trying to build up some steam. Maybe you can do the same ... then you'll be looking back to this slower time and thinking how lush it was to relax a bit! ::HUGS::

  21. Not only are things slow right now, the only hits on my website are from other jewelry designers.
    Your components are high end and your designs are out of this world. Your sales will probably pick sooner than most.
    Your new stuff is delightful and always puts a smile on my face.

  22. Sales have been abominably slow for me for some time. I think people are just being super-conservative about money due to the conditions. It certainly isn't your wonderful work - your pieces are to die for!

  23. Hi L - I think it is very important that you don't equate slow sales (due to the economic mess) to the quality of your pieces. Your work is spontaneous, inventive, unique ... I'm assuming that whoever can afford to take a vacation is doing just that. They're away and not spending money on jewelry right now. I decided that I would use this slow period to treat myself to exploring new techniques ... and to try to keep the joy in creating!

  24. I love this piece. Colorful and earthy at the same time.

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