Obstacles, an ABS entry, and a piece of drift wood

Mmmmm. linen cord, yum!
Wha? you don't need these beads below my fat ass, do you? I didn't think so.
Ok, look what I have to deal with! I'm not making this stuff up. Marley has been especially clingy since we got back from our trip.
It's safe to say that I'm back! I spent a few days thinking things over and trying to wrap my head around something specific. It felt hard to get back into it but I'm back. And I'm happy with the outcome of some pieces I finished last night. Below, is a necklace inspired by my trip to Plum Island. Oh and that piece of driftwood? I found that on the beach! I love photo props lately and what better way to remember my trip!!
This necklace celebrates many different bead artisans- at the forefront is a ceramic sand dollar from Erin Siegel. There is a lampwork flower from Gardanne beads, a ceramic round from Keith O'Connor, an olive green lampwork spacer from Studiorent, a coral lampwork round from The Orange Bell, a ceramic House bead from Jubilee, a lampwork disc that is hard to see in this pic from Loupiac, a drilled stone from Stones Studio Too. I used some etched cable chain from AD Adornments, and some silk cording from Ornamentea, and created my own steel wire hook clasp.

And finally my ABS entry. I quite like how it turned out.
I hope it gets good response. I wasn't sure how to
portray the painting without all the bulls and horses, but
I think sticking to a rustic color palette, I've captured
the feeling of the painting.


  1. Love your little "helper" :o) I have to be careful about my cats, too. I unintentionally smashed a bunch of seed beads a couple of years ago because one of my cats knocked a tube of seed beads onto the floor when I (very briefly) left the room...They are so cute, though - how can you be mad? :o)

    Love the necklaces, too!

  2. My cats are as clingy as yours. Especially when we got back from our 3 weeks vacation. I couldn't leave the room without tripping over one of them...I think it's better than to be ignored by your cats when you get home, but after a week it got a little bit annoying.
    My grey cat loves to sit on my lap when I am beading, not very easy as well...
    I love the peace of driftwood, great find! Great job on the jewelry.

  3. I'm always pleased to see that I am not the only kitty-lover! I've got 4, and one in particular loves my crafty stuff. She was grabbing my yarn as I knitted the other day. I'm not sure I trust the concept of a pet-free home.

  4. HaHa, Marley! I was just dealing with this yesterday, too with my new kitten, Lala. I was trying to work on a necklace with the linen cord and she chewed right thought it! Ack!

    I LOVE the beach house necklace! Really cute! Great colors and I love the texture of the chain and the silk cord!

  5. Yes. Yes! I love all these pieces. That beach house one is so charming. I love that you use so many great artists and then tell us all about them. Your ABS entry is really lovely. That pendant is so cool. I just submitted one of mine (I am waiting for an art bead to complete the second...hope it comes in time!)
    Thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. I really like the way you decided to hang the pendant in your ABS entry. Great piece. That pendant is stunning! You're going to get me hooked on ceramic stuff. Your Plum Island piece is like an art gallery in a pendant! The sand dollar is wonderful (have a thing for them). Going to have to save all those links to the artists (you're the go-to girl for links to bead artists!) So how much linen/leather/cotton/etc. cord has your cat eaten over the years? Always so interesting to find that stuff in the litter box.

  7. I LOVE your ABS entry it is so earthy and represents the painting so well. I love marley too!!!!

  8. aww! cats do love to be right in the centre of things. Whenever I try to take pictures of my new jewelry, there they are right in the middle of the lightbox posing for the camera!

  9. love your entry... and my cats sleep on my bead table too... in fact, my kitten often steals things... not cute!

  10. I love the ABS entry necklace.

  11. Wow...what beautiful pieces. I like how the first one represents your trip in a way, and the second one is just outstanding...soooo pretty.

  12. Your piece for the ABS entry is perfect! The colors and textures really represent the paintings well. As for the "helper", I feel your pain. I don't have any cats but I have a very large boxer who loves to put her big chin on me and look at me with her big sad eyes when she isn't getting attention.

  13. Hey Lorelei,

    I have two MiniSchnauzers who try to help me write or bead -- whatever I am doing, they want to be involved.

    Love the ABS entry! I never can seem to get my act together in time to submit anything.

    I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday and checked out the latest issue of Creative Jewelry -- YOU ARE ALL OVER THAT! Congrats! But I didn't buy one -- still holding out for a win next Thursday ;^)


  14. L, I spotted that cord from Ornamentea too-- I love it! I have some old kimonos so I think I'll make my own. Looks great in your piece!

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  16. Congrats on making Designer of the Week by ABS! You deserve it for that striking necklace.


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