Time for a break.

TGIF! Whew! I thought this week was never going to end. It was the longest week ever and usually is the longest week right before a vacation. Yup that's right. I'm finally going on a little mini vacation. And the in-laws aren't coming. And I don't have to make coffee, or do laundry. But there also will be no jewelry created, and no blogging. (*but I will have my laptop to keep up on what's going on in internetland, cuz that's just how I roll) There will be hopefully, sleeping in, lots of good seafood, maybe a cupcake or two, sand on my toes, and wind in my hair, bead purchases (but only a few) and the meeting of a new friend!

Joe and I are headed to New Hampshire tomorrow morning. When we get there, we'll be stopping in to see Erin of Every Heart Crafts. Erin emailed me when she found out were going to be like 1/2 hour away from her and suggested we meet up for some chatting, and coffee and possibly beads. I am so excited to meet her in person and I think we'll have a great time. We'll be staying in Portsmouth the first night, and then Durham NH the second two nights. I am really looking forward to seeing a new place, and getting some new inspiration!

I'm keeping my shop open but won't be shipping purchases until the 15th. I'll have my laptop and will be keeping up with emails so feel free to contact me.

Here are a few pieces I created last night. I had that super awesome beading Mojo last night. Sometimes I have it and sometimes I don't but last night was one of those nights where I showed up and got "completely lost" in the beads and all of a sudden, I had 3 beautiful pieces of jewelry. I'm actually really excited to list these today! What a great way to end the week!

Another exciting happening from this week is I decided to go to the Philadephia Bead Fest! Heck why not!??! and I invited Kelley to come with me! I can't believe she agreed to fly up from Georgia for the weekend but you know, I'd do anything for beads too. It will be the first time meeting Kelley in person and it will be like we've always been friends. I've been chatting on a daily basis with Kelley for a few months now. I am so excited to meet her face to face and give her a big ol' lorelei bear hug.

So if you're headed to Bead Fest too and you want meet up, lemme know! We'll be there Friday thru Sunday!


  1. Sounds great! Have fun!!!

  2. Sleeping in, the beach, CUPCAKES, meeting a new friend...sounds like a dream. How nice that you're going to meet Erin...You're gonna have so much fun - I'm happy for ya!

  3. That's awesome that you are going to Philly! I am going to be there, too - I am taking a few classes, but I would love to meet up at some point! This is my "me" weekend - Thomas is going diving with some friends of his the weekend before Bead Fest...

    Have a great vacation!

  4. Awww man that sounds like such a Wonderful Vacation Lorelei! I know some of us envy you lol! Enjoy...and we will be thinking of you too! Cupcakes...yummy num num lol x

  5. Have a wonderful, relaxing trip!

  6. Have fun, eat lots and rest, and give Erin a big hug for me. Wish I was closer, I'd love to party with you. Vacations are SUPER FUN! Wish I was back on mine again, LOL!

  7. everything in your post sounds excellent, looks great! enjoy... i am going to bead fest too...

  8. You so have your mojo on Lorelei!
    I see you spied those owl pendants at PeacockFairy....funny but I immediately thought of you (and I found another artist on Etsy last night that has me swooning and one of the motifs is a whimsical little owl!)

    Have a GREAT time on your trip. Sand in my toes, wind in my hair and a few bead-y friends thrown in? It can't get any better...unless Joe is into the whole backrub and foot massage thing! (teehee!)

    Please say hello to Erin for me! I am so happy that you get to meet. Maybe one day we can all escape on a beadgrrrl mini vacation!

    Your pieces are dynamite....if you see my mojo at the beach will you send it home to me?

    Enjoy the day...and your stay!

  9. Thanks for the great blog-as always. Enjoy the seafood, the sand and the beads!! Have Fun!
    MiShel Designs

  10. L, I had a great time meeting you and Joe, today! Thanks for coming to my shop and meeting me and hanging out! It was so fun! I knew it would be! I hope the two of you enjoy the rest of your stay here in the area! Talk to you soon! Girlie! :)


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