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I've been itching to try something new for a few weeks now. I'm just not sure what it is that I want to dabble in next. I've been seeing a lot of cool jewelry components around lately, like brass blanks from Vintaj. I bought one of these. I'm not sure what to do with it. Etching seems complicated. Then I had some ideas about doing some sort of decoupage thing on these cool wood ring blanks from Fusion beads. That might be fun, and I've never offered rings in my shop before. I wonder how they'd sell. I have also been intrigued by the resin filled bezel. I particularly like these. Simple, but oxidized to give it an aged look. But then I start thinking about what I would put inside, and my mind goes completely blank. I think it would be cool to have a ceramic artist make me a few cabachons that were just the right size to fit inside the bezel, could just glue them in. Now that's my idea of crafting. Quick and easy and showcasing an art bead, PERFECT!

I also start thinking about the supplies I need, and have no idea what kind of resin to buy and where I should I buy it.

I definitely need to jump in and try one of these things out. Any suggestions on what I should try? any tips you can share? I'd like a new project that won't break the bank. I know the wood rings would probably be the most inexpensive thing to try. I may just wait until my little crafting visit to Nancy this month. She's going to show me how to etch metal so I'll probably hold onto that Vintaj element til then.

Til then.

Here are some new bracelets going into the shop today. I had fun last night putting these together. Bracelets are so fast and easy. I could make them all day.

Top Left: Beaded bracelet with Vintage German glass cup beads, small copper metal spacers, an Orange Bell focal, and a little teensy weensy bee button!

Top Right: A wire wrapped bracelet features stones of Smoky Quartz, Carnelian, Red Tiger eye, Crystal Quartz, faceted glass, Cherry Quartz, with a brass toggle and Vintaj Brass wire.

Bottom Left: Beaded bracelet on brown leather cord, handmade ceramic beads from Jubilee, some fancy polymer clay beads from Humblebeads, and a Mokume gane polymer round by Pam Wynn.

Bottom Right: Beaded bracelet with Lampwork glass from Kelleys Beads, ceramic oval from Summers Studio, various bone, ceramic, wood, carved jade, and glass. Vintaj Brass seahorse charm, and Gaea's teal green ceramic drop charm.


  1. Love the bracelets! I think any of your ideas sound awesome, but I am especially interested in the decoupaged rings. I think that sounds really intriguing and I haven't seen anyone doing it.

  2. Great ideas you've got for the elements and components!

  3. really awesome work! love them all for different reasons... this is crazy - i just saw those blanks on bello modo last night and put them in my cart! i love how vintaj keeps putting out new things...

  4. Hi Lorelei,
    New stuff is fun. Diamond Glaze is great for putting over decoupaged images. I've done scrabble tiles with it and it's pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. You can use it in bezels, too. Amazing glaze is neat, too. You have to bake it (it's a powder) once you've filled up your bezels. They are both relatively inexpensive for experimenting and I think Fusion Beads carries them both now. I got mine from Ornamentea online. They had a starter kit for the Amazing Glaze. Fun, Fun, Fun!

    I would love to learn to Etch! Lucky girl you are to get a lesson!

    Your new bracelets are great!

  5. hi lorelei...i too have been toying with the idea of something new and fun...i haven't found it yet either...

    i love the idea of the wood rings decoupaged...they would be beautiful...i also love the brass beads filled with scraps from your jewelry frozen in time...

    good luck on your mission...i know whatever you decide will be phenomenal as all of your creations...

  6. I know your toying with decopouge etc. I was just thinking can you not hammer a design into it? Your proll not leaning in that direction tho. Just throwing that out there for you! x

  7. Hey there dear!
    I think those ring blanks are really cool. I would love to see what you come up with for those. Decoupage could be really fabulous...
    I have seen that blank, but don't have it. I am actually going to visit Jess and Rose at Galena Beads/Vintaj on Friday for a little one-to-one creative play time. They are working on etching too. I am glad I took that etching class at B& I know that is NOT something I want to do. Bad chemicals (take precautions - hard to get), can't be reused (not even the containers - not eco-friendly), and the results were not very consistent (using Stayzon ink was the easiest). It was cool, good to learn from an expert (Gina Crow), but now I know. Sherri Haab has a system that sounds better, but it is about $200 to buy into. Might be worth it if you can see yourself doing a lot of it.

    Resin is oh-so-fun! ICE Resin from Objects & Elements is two part. I have worked with that for the past year after learning from Susan Lenart Kazmer and finally have the hang of the work time for me. Must be used in small batches so be ready to have a bunch of things lined up. I did buy Gel du Soleil UV activated resin at B&B(20 min in sun or under UV lamp). I also bought the lamp and the Gel from Patera/Nunn designs. Pricey, but I like it. It is more immediate. Don't need to use much, but it retails pretty high.

    Email me if you want more tips or to share ideas! I think whatever you do will be completely fabulous! Ooh those new pretties...I have to protect my pocketbook from you, Miss Lorelei! Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. Love your bracelets! Was really happy to see the first one, as I'm making a necklace for a friend's birthday using the same bee button as the focal bead! if it turns out well, I'll post a picture.

  9. I had fun etching copper about a year the college. It wasn't complicated the way we did it. Of course I didn't do as much as I wanted... set myself up to do tons but I don't have all the metal cutting tools available now that I am not in class.
    I was reminded about it the other week when I saw my pottery group, It seems that the same chemical may do crazy things with clay. Have fun!

  10. Thank you so much for all of your suggestions! I think that the process I want to try next will be the rings, and the resin filled bezels. I'm glad I have written this post and if I have questions, I'll let you know so you can walk me through the process. You guys are the best, thanks so much!

  11. Rosanne and I are collecting things for a metal etching day and Melanie is going to join us for a resin day later this month. It must be in the air! I'm going to use those blank disks from vintaj and the dapping block to turn them into bezels. Those are under a dollar each, bello modo just had them on sale.

    I like the look of using metal with the old text cut into shapes and covered with resin. That would be inexpensive. You could even print images unto vellum and cut them into shapes. Oh I may have to try that one!

    have fun experimenting.

  12. opps, that was wire not metal!

  13. Vintaj has such awesome supplies. I just posted a necklace that I made using some of their products. I told my friend Jamie that I think I could have put just about anything with it and it would look wonderful. Pretty nice.

    Have fun!

  14. did you see the article on Etsy Metal about etching brass and copper? Might be a handy reference to have around after your lesson. Here's the link:

  15. I've been doing a lot of alcohol inks on blank metal and Polymer Clay. The results are fantastic.
    You have a great designer mind, you'll come up with something.

  16. ...and when you do come up with something, I cannot wait to see it!

    jean xox!

  17. After attending the B&B show last month, etching seemed unnecessarily complicated. Liquid acids, electrical currents, no thank you! But etching doesn't need to be complicated. I'm posting a link for you to see a super easy way to etch the brass. You can do it!' Good luck with whatwever you decide.


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