3 Wise Old Birds

I recently acquired an original masterpiece from my friend, and fellow Etsian, Cori Dantini. I have been a fan of Cori's work for a long time now and I have several of her prints framed, in my studio. I had wanted one of her originals forever, and finally worked out a bit of a trade for this sweet owl painting. Three Wise old birds sitting on a branch, in the Cori style that I love, with the pale coloring and multi layers. I hung this piece above my dresser in my bedroom.

Thanks Cori!


  1. You always find the most wonderful things...from beads to flea market finds to artwork. Or do these things find you?

    I was doing an educational moment in my BNI networking group about the importance of building a brand and the role of visual identity. And I used you as an example...every single time I see an owl I think of you! (Luckily, I showed them a big skeleton key and asked them what they thought of...and it was me! So it works!)

    I just found out that an artist in my Artist Cooperative gallery is interested in trading me for one of her incredible paintings. I am so excited and I will surely share when it happens!

    Enjoy the day, Lorelei!


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