Another cool Blog challenge!

One of my new favorite blogs is Objects and Elements, which is maintained by it's founders Susan Lenart Kazmer, and Linda Larsen.

They've been hosting some really cool Reader challenges. I missed out on the last one, which was creating your own clasp. But I did enter this most recent one which is Summer Color. How easy!!

The Summer season is full of color and it shows in some of my designs. I can't always be earthy. Sometimes little punches of color comes out in my designs, and I know I've seen some really awesome colors in a miriad of different jewelry blogs lately.

You should definitely submit a piece of jewelry, all you need to do is email them your jpeg.

The deadline is Aug. 21st. The winner will be showered with love and get some goodies from the Objects and Elements store. Read more details on this contest here.


  1. I love those little birdy earrings. They are just too cute!

  2. thanks for the tip. i just submitted my entry. susan's elements add so much interest to every piece.

  3. It is a great blog. I have really enjoyed Susan's new DVD which is how I got to her blog. Great beading challenge too. Hope I have time to enter. A big family gathering is coming up here so I am working hard on lots of fronts to be ready.

  4. Thanks,Lorelei. You alway have great stuff going on your blog. It's one of my favorites.
    The earrings magically delicious.

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  7. Thanks so much for the shout out on our objects and elements blog! We appreciate it. Your beautiful design will be up soon, just as soon as we get a few more entries. I hope your readers keep checking the blog to see your lovely work.

    Have an artful day!


    (new media manager and design team coordinator for objects and elements)

  8. the birds are too cute. i adore them.


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