Beading Injuries

Beading can be dangerous. This bead is from my friend Lynn Davis. She sent it to me a while back and last night I picked it up to wire wrap it for a bracelet design. The hole wasn't visible and I'm thinking at this point that the paint probably dribbled into the hole and that I could probably stick my wire into it. So I cut a piece of steel wire and tried jamming it into the hole with some pliers. The wire wasn't completely straight, had a bit of a curve it and of course, popped out the back of the bead into my index finger. I bandaged it up. Went back to the studio. Let's try this again. Same thing happened again, but with my thumb. I gave up after that. I mean really, how stupid can I be!? I guess I was just really determined to get that bead into a piece of jewelry. Determination can sometimes be mistaken for stupidity.
Do you know how hard it is to bead with band-aids on? Luckily I had created these four pieces before the other fiasco happened. These will be listed in my shop momentarily.


  1. You are so funny. Sorry to read about your injuries - hope you heal up soon so you can get back to business. Have a great day!

  2. I will have to show you my hot glass scars sometime.
    No more boo boo's Lorelei.

  3. That shows complete dedication to your art! You are too funny! Take good care of yourself. Maybe that is God's way of saying slow down and take a break! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. At least you made some rockin' pieces before the injury! Don't let that bead get the best of you. Show him who's boss!


  5. OUCH...i know what it's like to get injured should see my fingers, hands and arms from burns from my torch and hot glass...i feel your pain...

  6. Ouch! Bad wire! Funny story, though ;)
    I love the combination of glass and hematite in those new creations - simple and classic, but absolutely stunning!
    I think I'll have to try that combination too, hope you don't mind.


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