Emee Shop is back open for business!

Finally got my act together and got my mother's shop opened again. It's low on products but the pieces that are listed are really cute and very well made. I am going to push mom to make some new stuff. I'd like her to try her hand at some different things like Make-up or jewelry rolls, and laptop cases. Please favorite Emee's if you haven't already!


  1. Ooh - those new ideas for jewelry rolls or make-up cases sounds neat :o) I like what your mom makes, but I would have to cook to need an apron, and that ain't happenin!

    I shared the link you posted in FB so that my friends can see it...Maybe one of them will need a tote or an apron from your mom :o)

  2. Super cute! Tell your mom to make more totes. I am crazy for tote bags right now. Something with owls or birds maybe?!! Just a hint.

  3. Love your Mom's banner, did you design that?

  4. Thanks Katie!

    Great idea Leslie, I'll pass it on to Momma.

    Anne, thanks so much. No I didn't, it was made by Thompson Designs.


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