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Friday's Wish List by lorelei
Going from top left, clockwise:
1. Skeleton Keys, Miss Emily Gene
2. Key Hole loop charm, Lynn Davis
3. Rabbit Run charm, Hint
4. Growth and Tribulation Mini Print, Cordial Kitten
5. Black Bear with Crystals Brooch, ememem
6. Prickly heart pendant, Zoa Art
7. Pears Blockprinted Linen zipper pouch, Moonteaartwork
We are headed to Connecticut to see my in-laws, this afternoon- for the weekend. No beading for me, BOOOOOO HISSSSSS. :( But I'll get to see my niece and nephew, it's been quite a while. (since early spring) I'll have my laptop with me but blogging prolly won't happen while I'm there. Except for Sunday, bead bloggers round up.
I am so exhausted. It's been quite a week. We had 2 occasions of bats in the house this week. Not fun. At all. Hopefully when the bat guy comes today, he'll be able to find the entry points and seal them up well. One bat got in and came into the bedroom. He met a quick demise. The second got into the basement, and he too did not survive. My husband has been carrying around a raquetball raquet with him everywhere for the past 7 days. This is ridiculous. Although I think he feels this weird sense of pride knowing that he has the power(raquet) and it's almost like a sport. I know. it's not right. I just tell it like it is.
Last night I painted my nails. Something I Never ever do, but was inclined due to my chats with Miss Kelley Wenzel. I also have been craving cupcakes and baked a batch of chocolate with rainbow chip icing. Forgetting that we were going to CT. Guess they're coming with me.
I started to watch The Reader, with Kate Winslet, but then 8pm hit and my DVR started taping Big Brother and So you Think You Can Dance, and shut my movie off on me. I never did finish watching it. But it wasn't really grabbing me anyway. There is only so much I can watch Kate Winslet naked anyway. gah.
And so I beaded a little until Joe got home from golf. I recreated 2 Vintaj Brass pieces with different color themes. The originals sold well so I'm hoping to get some Etsy love today once they're listed.
I'm thinking about having a bit of a sale. Or a contest for a discount. Or something like that. I've also been thinking about starting up another Bracelet Round Robin. Not sure how I want to approach this, since so many of my blog readers were interested in participating. Maybe a first come first serve...or a contest to pick participants. What do you think I should do?


  1. Hhhmmm....conundrum...I too would love to participate in a Bracelet Round Robin, but I do think it should be fair who gets to participate. Why don't you put the names of all 50 states in a bag, pull out 5, and the first person to sign up from each state will get to participate? You'll have to surprise-blog the day you want sign-ups because we know you like to blog in the mornings. ;) Whatever you choose, the bracelets will be beautiful and everyone will enjoy seeing the creations on each person's blog. Have a great weekend!

  2. My thougts and prayers are with you - seeing as I just got home from a complete week with the in-laws. I have privately sworn that I will never do this again. At least you will have the laptop to keep you company! My father-in-law doesn't believe in the internet....my sister-in-law discovered she could pick up a signal by standing in front of one particular window in the house, which enabled her to use her i-phone.

  3. you go girl with those painted nails!
    have a safe trip!

  4. Got pics of the nails? I want to see what color you chose. And pics of the cupcakes? Hello?

    Safe travels this weekend. Enjoy the time with your niece & nephew!

  5. Oooh...cupcakes. Now I want a cupcake, darnit! Hope all goes well on your trip.

  6. I would be happy to participate in a bracelet round robin, but to be fair it might be best to just pick by chance from those that express an interest.
    Have a fun weekend. Feels a little like fall where I live. Still hoping summer will come.

  7. How can you, bats are such wonderful creatures :(

  8. Anonymous8/11/2009

    PLEEEAAASSSEEE catch and release only


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