Good Things Come in Threes

No. 1
Red Creek Jasper rounds are strung on brown linen cording with little brass spacers in between each one. Continuing with the brass theme, I added a decorative brass button and small brass leaf charm. A simple design that shows off the beauty of these stunning stones.

No. 2
If I let my cat Marley outside she would definitely be one to chase the butterflies in the garden. Butterflies adorn this sweet pewter button from Green Girl Studios. And the little kitty button is from my friend D'Arsie at Mamacita Beadworks.
Silvered Coral Lampwork glass beads from SueBeads, are paired with Turquoise wheels and faceted Picasso glass rondelles, and brass tubes, all strung on brown linen cording.

No. 3

Home is where my heart is, and this is what was on my mind last night as I was putting together this bracelet. Ceramic house beads (Jubilee) in blues and greens, are wire wrapped on one side. Hammered brass cable chain along the other side with wire wrapped Czech glass and brass tubes with turquoise wheels. Vintaj Brass lobster clasp, and a sweet Heart pewter charm from Mamacita Beadworks.

These will be posted in my Etsy shop later this morning!


  1. Beautiful bracelets Lorelei, I especially like the "home is where the heart is bracelet. I wish your jewelry muse would visit my house.

  2. I especially love No. 1 - so simple but very satisfying!

  3. One of my favourite colour combinations is coral and turquoise and I love Sue's beads. All great!

  4. Such brilliant designs Lorelei! I wish I had your talent for bracelets...they seem formidable to me! Which is strange because they are seemingly smaller, more compact and easier to work with...but I never get the length right (everyone likes them so different) and since I tend to overdo things they get far too jangly...but as I can attenst (because I have one of your bracelets) you have a way with that medium. I love them all. Such cute house beads and the Sue Beads are great (I have got to get me some of those!). Thanks for sharing your inspiration today! Enjoy the day! Erin

  5. A great trio. I enjoyed the progression. Thanks for posting your work.

  6. I like how you did the turquoise dangles with the brass tube beads on #3. Exotic. #2 is also outstanding--I love the three colors together, and those silvered beads are really something special. Works nicely in that piece for a little extra fine texture. You have a way with brown linen!

  7. They're all lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Oh, #2 is so cute and funky. Gotta love those Mamacita charms. And those red jaspers in #1 are gorgeous!

  9. Hi Anne! You can borrow my muse anytime you want. But beware, cuz she's a fast worker. She works at lightning speeds and leaves as fast as she comes!

    Thank you Miss Beth!

    Hi Alison! Thank you so much. I especially love the simplicity of 3 stones on string. It's satisfying.

    Hi LeAnn! Thanks for the color props! I always love coral and teal together. I love Sue's beads too!

    Hi Erin! I worry that eventually my bracelets will all look the same. It's hard to continually keep creating them but to do different things each time. They are my best sellers, for sure. Challenge yourself to a little bracelet showdown. See how many you can come up with and then blog about it. I wanna see!

    Thanks Erin S.!

    Thanks for stopping in Jaime!

    Silver Parrot! You are coming by quite often, I'm glad to see you! & thanks for comments! I really enjoy the feedback!

    Hi Leslie!
    I thought people would get a kick out of that little sweet kitteh face. so cute! Thanks for stopping in!

  10. Oh, they are all so wonderful-I can't decide which is my favorite. I do love the red jaspers. You are a very talented lady. Thanks for also putting where you got the beads.

  11. Mel Mel8/27/2009

    I am so taken by the image you created of a curious kitty chasing butterflies. So sweet and endearing.You have the best supplies EVER!! I LOVE the linen cord, is it hard to find? I also LOVE all of your fabulous chain choices.
    If Sandi from the round robin post is reading I am in Maryland (Western Maryland)

  12. Hey Mel Mel!
    Thank you so much!! No the linen cord is very inexpensive. Around $5 for a really big spool of it, from! YOu should get some! It's fun to work with! And that chain that I used is also from Fusion Beads. I just ordered a bunch more today, it's so popular, and versatile!
    I want beady pen pals tooooooo!

  13. Love the three. They are so differents, i love too the first one for its pureness of lines and the others for all those little details.

    The little kitty is just too cute.

    Thank you Lorelei for the lovely comment you emailed us, to Lilibulle and i.


  14. Anonymous8/29/2009

    These are all gorgeous. I love your work - there's something very peaceful about it.


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