A Little Pocket of Time

Last night I found a little extra time to make a few things in the studio.
I know, I've said I was taking a few days off but there is
this unidentifiable force, that pulls me into the bead studio against my will.
It's hard to explain. But only a few days away, and I've got withdrawl.
It's an addiction like no other.

This first necklace was inspired by a piece I saw on the Fossil.com website yesterday while I was ordering my new watch. They have a great jewelry section on the website.
Instead of wire wrapping the beads in my piece,
I strung them on beading wire with small dark bronze glass

seed beads in between each of the beads. I didn't lay
out the project beforehand, just started throwing beads on
until I ended up with this.
I like the little faceted beads that add a little bling to this
otherwise earthy piece.
Sometimes it doesn't take much to become inspired or to see something in a
different light. Kelley saw these sliced pods when I showed pics of
my bead drawers the other day and commented on their super
coolness. I started thinking about them more at that moment.
I put them into a necklace this time (I tried bracelets before but
they weren't received well) Paired with jasper rounds and
small faceted gunmetal seed beads from Objects and Elements, they
have been transformed into this asymmetrical and earthy
design that reminds me of hunting for Herkimer Diamonds or
something. I've never been hunting for diamonds,
but I imagine that they sparkle amongst the natural elements
kind of like this.

And last but not least, I created this bracelet using
one of my Chinook Jewelry components. I love
the color of this ceramic key connector.
I added a Vintaj Brass Key Hole charm, and jade dangle.
It's a double stranded piece, with large cable chain (Vintaj)
and a beaded strand with some seeds, faceted jade, faceted
glass, and faceted prehnite beads. The beads bring out
the different shades of color in the glaze on the connector.
Don't forget I'm having a sale in my shop.
Many things have been marked down.
Free shipping lasts til Sunday.
I'm headed to Philadelphia
tomorrow for Bead Fest. I'll have pictures
and fun stories and lots of beads come Monday.
Look for 2 posts on Monday... the bead fest post,
and the Next Enchanted Adornments giveaway!
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Great pieces, L! I love the bracelet and the colors in it. I really like the seed pod necklace, too! Those pods are cool! I like your imaginative vision of the Herkimer Diamonds! Aren't Herks amazing! I love them. I haven't gone mining for them either, but would love to. They are one of the few local gems that the mines are open to the public. I've been to one of the mines, when we were passing through there on a road trip a couple of years ago. We didn't have time to mine, so we just went into the shop and looked around and I bought a few small diamonds. I'd love to go back there sometime to mine for some.

  2. I love your new designs. The sliced pods are so cool and orignal.
    I know the feeling going through withdrawls. My creative vision goes back and forth from creating jewelry or creating art beads and other goodies with polymer clay.
    It's hard to find a balance working full time and designing jewelry.
    I don't know how everyone does it.

    Have fun at Bead Fest and stay away from the art beads!

  3. Gorgeous pieces, Lorelei. Don't fight the muse's calling, give in. And have fun at Bead Fest!

  4. Those pods are so cool. I love what you did with them and really like the bracelet, too! Have fun at Bead Fest!

  5. HI Lori, where did you get those pods? I really like them and would like to order some. Nicki

  6. Hi Nicki!
    I got them at Beadsandpieces.com

  7. Love all the pieces but especially the lock and key bracelet!

  8. I didn't see this posting until today & you are probably at Bead Fest. Lucky you. Your pieces always speak to me- I even pick them out in the mags before I see who did them.I really like the pods. I am just starting out want to know how you build your stash to have such great things to put together. When I get ready make something - seems like I always lack something I think would look good. Any suggestions how to start out. Thanks.

  9. That seed pod necklace is a real stunner Lorelei! I love it! Have a great time in Philadelphia. Wish I could make that trip.
    You are always so crazy inspired. I hear you about the need to bead. My friend KJ wrote the funniest post about a 12 step program for beaders. http://silverparrotdesigns.blogspot.com/2009/07/beaders-12-step-program.html
    Too funny!
    Enjoy the day! Erin


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