More Studio and Bead Pics

I've been taking a few days off from beading. I thought since I didn't have any jewelry pics to show, I'd share more pictures from my studio. I can't wait to get to Bead Fest, I'm planning on replenishing my stock. I hope I can refrain from buying loads of art beads. I really need stones and glass and wood and ...and...and... other beads to pair with all the art beads I have in stock already! And as you can see, there are A LOT!

On the table adjacent to my work space, I have this velvet lined box, and also 1 long letterpress storage drawer. This is where I keep more of my artbeads -within close reach. It's nice to have some of the beads out and in the open, for faster designing.

I've always thought it was fun to switch studios with another beader for a day. Wouldn't that be awesome!? Someone could come into mine, and I could go into theirs and we could create with each other's beads all day and end up with some pretty fabulous jewelry I bet.

Another thing I wanted to show you is this new addition to the studio. My crafty and talented husband created this window seat/bench/storage chest using an old salvaged door. You can see the plate on the front that held the door knob. He hinged the top and there is enough room inside to hold a large body. He calls it my coffin. Ok. gross. Anyway, he wasn't going to make functional in this way, only had intentions of creating a seat. I insisted he put on a back and floor and hinge the top so that in the future we could use it as storage. Could make a great linen storage unit, or house toys... or beads. whatever!!

funny thing just happened. i wrote this entire post and accidentally posted it on the art bead scene blog! woops! sorry heather!

leave it to me to totally do something dumb like that!


  1. Lorelei, your studio is awesome! Fantastic choice of beads! Although I know, that even in such a great choice of materials there is always a lack of something you need right here and right now :))) That normally happens with clay in my case :)))

  2. Truly a visual feast! Clever making the door into a storage piece. I keep thinking if I'd had this when my children were young, this is where they would hide. It would be perfect for hide and seek. Or bodies ;-)

  3. For some reason, the storage bench brings back memeories of a production of ARSENIC AND OLD LACE from high school- Mortimer hiding in something like it.

    The bead storage pics are wonderful and inspiring! I won't tell how mine are stored!

  4. can joe come over and build a window seat for me? I'm so jealous!

    Your creative space is looking more inspiring each time you share it with us.

  5. I continue to be totally jealous of your amazing studio space AND bead storage. But, at least, I don't feel like my stash is too large any more ;-) In fact, I may need to buy more to keep up with you!

  6. I say you fill up the "coffin" with more beads. LOL

  7. Your studio is Bead Heaven...

  8. I looked at these photos this morning and had to come back for more, lol! What an inspiring little area you have! My mouth is watering I am so jealous! All of my beading supplies stay in a tote bag due to lack of room in my house! You, yourself are such an inspiration, Lorelei!! I hope you have an awesome time at the bead show! Can't wait to see what you buy and then make!

  9. Oh, you have such wonderful studio space! I must work on getting mine organized like yours and I would love to dive into your beads!

    Funky Monkey Girl,

  10. It looks like a really cool, comfortable bead shop. I'd shop there, ha. When's your grand opening?

  11. I absolutely love those little boxes in the drawers. And a studio swap?! That would be so fun! But my studio isn't nearly as camera ready as yours. Your dear man makes you the sweetest things. That looks like an awesome spot to look through beading sources! Enjoy the day! Erin

  12. I love seeing pictures of your studio Lorelei! Those printers drawers are something I've been wanting for along time. The timeworn look of the little wooden sections gives each item stored in them their own little gallery space. Tell your husband he is brilliant! (They love that sort of thing! :-)) Keep up the wonderful work!


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