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I picked up these two books at the Barnes & Noble last night after we went to dinner. I heard about Blogging for Bliss from Cindy's Sweet Bead Studio blog. I haven't had a chance to really dive into it yet but I'm excited to learn a few things about how to take my blogging to the next level. I've had my blog for a while now, and although I really enjoy it, some days I struggle with content so this book will hopefully give me some tips. One thing I want to do more of is free tutorials. I think that this type of content is what a lot of jewelry creators are craving. More jewelry tips, more technique tutorials.
Metalworking 101 for Beaders is a book that I had on my Amazon wishlist. I was shocked to see it on the shelves already. Not sure what's going on with my local B&N but the jewelry section is shrinking, and it was already really small at approx. 2 shelves of jewelry books. And it seems like the new books are coming in but they are only stocking 1 or 2 at a time. What is UP with that?
I flipped through this book last night and I have to say, it immediately made me want to head to Harbor Freight and Tools. I have been wanting to dabble a bit more in metalworking and in order to do that, I need to buy some tools. The first thing on my wish list is a dapping block, and also a ball pein hammer. I'd love to be able to make my own bead caps. Do you know of any really great books with instructions for this technique? Like really good technique tips? If you know of any really cool books that you think I might want to look at, let me know. I'd be up for swapping books too. I've gotten quite a few jewelry books accumulated lately.
This of course, is a great opportunity to mention Chain Style again. I am SO excited for this book to come out. I have 9 projects in this book and my necklace is on the cover. What's cool is, you can now Look Inside at some sample pages if you head to InterweaveStore.com.
I hope you have all pre-ordered the book, it's gonna be a goodie!


  1. Good Morning Lorelei
    Looks like you had a fun trip to B&N. I may stop in again today so my son and his friend can play at the train tables. :-) Thanks for the heads up on the Metals book...I never saw that one and I know I would like it. If you ever want stamping and metal tips, you can always contact my friend Jeanette at www.fundametals.net - I know she will answer you personally. Her shop has a lot of great things...I have the disc cutter and dapping block and hope to use it more. There's a new Swanstrom center plug tool that you can use now to also create your own washers and bead caps! It's pricey, but I'd like to get it soon... Working with metal is SO much fun..I'm a newbie too. :-)

  2. I've been getting into metal more, too and love some of the new books that are out there! I just upgraded my tools, but I need to get a ball peen hammer and dapping block, too - they are next on my tool list...I would go to B&N and check it out, but I tend to spend too much there...I may just order it online and use one of my 15% off coupons on it :o)

  3. And I'm the lucky one who has the lovely necklace on the cover of Chainstyle - yippee!

  4. I will have to look for "Blogging for Bliss" on my next foray to the bookshop - it looks inspiring! Congrats on "Chain Style" - I will be looking for it also :)

  5. Harbor Freight is just such a great place to wander around isn't it?! It's amazing the things I find there that I had no idea I needed :) Sounds like you're having a great time branching out your techniques!

  6. lorelei, Beaducation.com has a lot of tools and online classes that are great. Once you buy a class you can go back and look at the class again to pick up more tricks and ideas. They also have free classes too. I got all my metal tools from them. Stamping blanks and bezels lots of goodies. Have fun shopping.

  7. B&N is indeed shrinking their crafting section. I don't get there much (closest is 40 min away) but I noticed that. I, too, am reading Blogging for Bliss. It is a great book chock full of wonderful sites to check out. Great tips and good validation for some of the things that I already do. You should also check out the Artful Blogging magazine from Stampington. I now have a subscription to this quarterly publication because I feel the same way about it and have made friends with many bloggers I admire through this pub.
    I hadn't seen that new book you show. Looks like a good one. I am doing more metal work and want to make my own clasps and head pins and things. Bead caps would be fun. And I have the biggest library of books too! I should clean them out. I just can't stop buying new ones! Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. The Chainmail book looks like a goodie, I will have to pick that one up. I will check out the blogging for bliss book too. I too have wanted to try making my own findings, so I will have to get the Metalworking 101.

  9. To piggyback on what Pam said, I like the beaducation website also. I took a free class for Stamping and it was great I learned alot to get me started. I was surprised at how well the online class was I never thought I could learn about jewelry making that way. Check it out.

  10. Anonymous8/12/2009

    I will look for the Blogging for Bliss, I could using a little help with this.
    I'll have to go through my books for the metal working beadcaps. I'll let you know if I find something. I've been thinking of making my own beadcap as well.

  11. Gail W.Jewelsoftheearth8/15/2009

    Lori,I've bought a few of the smaller metal tools,but what I need now is a really good resin book.About mixing colors,glues,etc.Basics and up.If you know of one,let me know.

  12. B&N AND Borders are shrinking that section. So I asked the Manager at Borders last week, "what's Up!"
    To summarize, he said that they can't compete with Amazon and Ebay.
    Lorelei, could you write a book review the blog bliss? When you get a minute.

  13. Thank you, Lorelei--your tip on the metalworking book is just what I have been needing--I'm off to B&N today :-) I would like to echo what others have posted, I too think beaducation.com is a great place for tools and tutorials. Lisa always seems to have just what I am looking for--or didn't know I needed ;-) Love your work! Continued success to you!

  14. I am a little late on this one. I have been eyeing this book for a while now. And I was looking through it today at the Border's and saw your name!

    The whole reason why I wanted the book was due to the design on the cover. Thank you for the inspiration!

    It is such a cool book as well!


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