Art Bead Scene Challenge: September: Kandinsky

courtesy of Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, Museum of Art, Utica NY

This month's challenge on the Art Bead Scene blog is to create a piece of jewelry influenced by this beautiful painting by Wassily Kandinsky. How excited was I when I found out this painting was going to be chosen this month? The museum where I work as assistant Registrar, owns this painting and in fact it's hanging on the wall down the hall from my office right now. I look at this lovely every single day. How cool is that?
They couldn't have picked a better inspirational painting. The colors are reminiscent of a cool fall day and I love the strong black curves and dots. They remind me of a symphony, the musicians following every move of the conductor's arm.
I used to play the flute. Since the 4th grade. I miss it so much. I haven't played my flute since I was in college. I had gone to Potsdam to attend the Crane School of Music, for Flute performance. But I showed up and met the professor, and the first question was- do you have a background of private lessons. I had had a few, but I learned most everything from the band director at my high school. He then proceeded to tell me that I would never make it in his school of music, without more private lessons. It's too competitive, and you'll never survive.
I walked out of the office in tears, angry mostly- thinking that he can shove his school of music you you know where. I vowed at that very moment never to play again.
Which in turn led me to take an Art History class. Which led to a 4.0. Which led to more art history classes. Then I got a work study job for some extra cash, working as a gallery attendant in the college's art museum. Then that led to me meeting the Gallery director, Dan Mills. And that led me to take a Museum Studies class. Which led me to finish my school years as an Art History major and Museum Studies minor. I received my Bachelor's degree in December of 1996. I then worked at many different jobs, for 6 years, until I finally landed my dream job at Munson Williams Proctor.
Just a little background for ya!
So this painting, on this nice blog that I am now officially a part of, means more than you know. That's why, I'm super stoked to possibly come up with my own Kandinsky inspired piece, and really excited to see what all of YOU design!


  1. My degree was in History, with minors in Political Science and Russian, and I picked up accounting courses along the way and became a CPA....BUT Art History is the degree that I kind of wish I had gotten...or maybe costume design.

  2. How cool is that! You have the painting right there so you can see every detail and get a true sense of the colors and meaning behind it. Well, I'm glad you didn't stick with the flute because life might have worked out differently and all of your jewelry fans wouldn't have the enjoyment of seeing your beautiful creations. I can tell you are proud of where you are today and that's all that matters. The past is the past!

  3. How great it is that you can be surrounded by such wonderous works of art all day! I think that I missed my true calling by not pursuing art in school. Thank you for sharing such a great background on yourself. I had no doubt that you were gifted artistically, and now it makes so much sense to me. I would love a job like yours (although please don't laugh at my ignorance of exactly what a registrar does!?). I think that this Kandinsky in particular is so full of possibility and open to an incredible array of interpretation. I look forward to participating.
    If I could go back to school I would certainly become an art history major. I dream of traveling around the world to view these works of art. How cool is it to see them in person? I saw the Monet exhibit in the late 80s in Chicago and it was momentous. My mom was an art history major...
    Sorry to be so rambling. And thanks for sharing a glimpse into your rich life!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Hello Lorelei,
    We're kindred spirits! I, too, started out as a music major -- voice-- but as my voice teacher would say (she was Hungarian) "Since you have not a big voice, ve vork on musicianship." My BA was Elementary Ed with a minor in Music Ed. but returned to school on a whim to take a special class in English Gothic Architecture and ended up with an MA in Art History with a specialty in Medieval Arts. I know everything you would want to know about the Tree of Jesse in Medieval Stained Glass.

  5. Well, I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Life is not exactly a string of random happenings or coincidences. It's so cool when you can see something come full circle around and different aspects of your life make some kind of connection!

  6. would-a should-a prada honey. I say if you got your health,(and your beads) you got it all. No looking back.
    Lorelei, thanks for a little background peek. You're a jewelry artist who works in a art gallery and has joined an art bead blog. How cool is that???

  7. Good luck Lorelei - I know it'll be bead-a-licious!


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