Gearing up for 2 shows

I started making bracelets last night and then I couldn't stop. It was like my fingers took over and before 9:30pm hit, I had 5 made. I probably could have kept going but at that point, my vision was starting to blur from sleepiness.

I am happy that I was able to crank these out. This week I committed to doing a Fine Arts and Crafts show in November, at a local Jewish Temple. I would love to be able to really get my stock built up. Shouldn't be a problem, since sales are so crappy right now.

Then I've decided to have another Trunk show jewelry party at my house. I'm trying to decide if I should have it in October or December.

Maybe tonight I'll crank out earrings. OH scratch that. Tonight I should start my necklace for the Round Robin, almost FORGOT!!


  1. Beautiful bracelets! I especially like the one with the wood beads (haven't been able to locate any like this though) and the aqua/green stones. Love those little house beads too!

    I always have a home/trunk show in early November. I've found the ladies are in the holiday mood and it's still early enough that they haven't spent all their money yet.

  2. Beautiful bracelets. And I spy a little bit of bronze in there with the lavender and green! Good luck with getting ready for the show!

  3. I have never had a trunk show. Maybe this is the year to start.
    But I have the one show that I do a year coming up in October and I haven't started to plan...but I think that this year I am going for simple and much lower priced options. Since I have the artist coop gallery that I belong to I can put the bigger items there.
    These are great bracelets. I haven't had more than an hour at a time to be in the studio and yesterday my eyes were blurry from too many late nights. I sometimes forget how good sleep is! Hmmm...if I were invited to the party I would snatch up the house one or the crown. Lovely all! Enjoy the day! Erin

  4. hey LeAnn!
    My first bronze charm- i love how that piece turned out. you can see more pics, i put that bracelet in my shop this morning.
    I am definitely going to be purchasing more of this size charm from you in the near future. might want to put a few aside for me!

  5. Your wish is my command. It's great to see the little piece in 'action' especially with my favourite colours.

  6. Hi Lorelei, These bracelets are super!

    Have a great day!

  7. All the bracelets are fabulous!

  8. Dang girl! Slow down! You are out of control! Ok, you know I love them all but my favorite is the bottom one. The charm is so pretty and those colors go so well together. Good job!

  9. Love your bracelet designs and wish I was playing in the necklace round robin. Can't wait to see how all the necklaces turn out!

  10. Love all the pieces but the one with the little houses are my favorite, you where my heart is... my home with my love ones.

  11. just beautiful pieces! i love that etched copper piece with the crown. good luck with your shows.


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