My husband wrestled this intact acorn branch from one of the local squirrels.

Okay, well not really but he did scare Mr. Squirrel away so that he could get an idea of what it was that he had. I saw him from the kitchen window while I was washing the dinner dishes. It looked so odd, this squirrel with this giant (ok not so giant) green blob of a thing.

Ok, so I didn't have my glasses on. I told Joe, Go out there and see what that squirrel has.Joe brought this cute little branch in and said HEY, this would be a good photo prop!

My guy, he's always thinkin'!

Anyway, this little bracelet is a nice little reminder of home. It reminds me of my tree and house lined street. The Squirrels that live in the neighborhood. The way each little house sits all pretty in a row, each complimenting the next. I love being at home. I love my house. And I'm thankful for it every day.