Keep your eyes out for these!

Keep your eyes open and be sure to pick these two issues up when you see them on newstands!

In the Best of Stringing issue, you'll find 2 of my necklace projects featuring work from Green Girl Studios, Jill Symons, and Christine Damm of Stories they Tell!

And in the Fall issue of Stringing, you'll find 2 of my necklace projects, and a few earring designs and bracelet design feature work from Jade Scott, Loupiac, Pam Wynn, and The Orange Bell!


  1. Goodie! I was wondering when this would be out!

  2. Hi Lorelei,

    One fo the things my husband and I do almost every Friday is a long visit to Barns and Noble. I alway stand at the magazine section and ogle the jewelry and art quilting mags. I'll definitely be on the look out for these!


  3. Can't wait! I didn't realize they would be two different ones...I think my piece will be in the Best of....can't wait to see these!

    Enjoy the day!

  4. Erin!!
    Your necklace is beautiful, in the Best of issue! I would wear it in a heartbeat. LOVE IT! I got the Best of Issue at my local bead shop, she called me as soon as it came in. The Fall issue wasn't there yet, DARN!

  5. How exciting! I will check them out!


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