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Nancy and I had an agenda while in London, to find the most unique beads/buttons that we could. We headed out to Marylebone Ave where we looked high and low for The Button Queen. We found the old location, and headed up the street to the new address, and stumbled upon V.V. Rouleaux. A little trimmings shop that was as pretty on the inside as the outside. Rows upon rows of ribbons and cording, and things. We filled our hands with as many rolls of ribbon and cording as we could fit. Of course, I dropped a ribbon roll every 10 seconds. They didn't have little shopping baskets, and if I were to go back, I would make this suggestion to the clerk. Even though she was super grumpy to be working there.
So here in the picture above, is a small sample of what I bought there. We left, quite satisfied with our accidental find, and headed over to The Button Queen. A quaint and clean little shop with walls and books filled with buttons of any kind, new and old. Here are the buttons I found- some bone, horn, shell, bronze, plastic and metal. A little bit of everything. I like the horn shank buttons that remind me of an owl's face.
We then got back on the Tube and headed over to Covent Garden where we ate lunch and accidentally found the hard to find, Neal's Yard. A little alley way painting with pretty murals and colorful buildings, it opened up into a beautiful courtyard with restaurants, and people eating outside. This was where we found Bead Aura, a small bead shop packed full with strands and loose beads. I picked up some glass strands (upper right photo in collage) and Nancy found the coolest blown glass hollow beads in brown and green. I can't wait to see what she'll do with these. She'll show her stash over on her blog soon.
We also hit up the London Bead Shop (affiliated with Beadworks) where we stocked up on colorful and modern Lucite beads. Nancy found the cutest little ceramic bird beads, and again, can't wait to see what they end up in!
I'll leave links for Nancy's blog as soon as she posts some of her pictures.


  1. LOVE the pointed oval buttons! What great finds...can't wait to see what you do with them :)

  2. Your finds in London are incredible. I enjoy reading this, I feel like I'm there with you.

  3. Super fun! I think that bead shopping with a friend would be the ultimate (no one I know would understand!) but doing it in another country? Priceless!

    By the way...who is taking those amazing macro shots for your header? They are simply divine.

    Enjoy the day!

  4. Thanks Kelley, Thanks Jeannie!

    Hey Erin, I've been taking those banner pics with my little olympus. can you believe it!? they turned out awesome.

  5. You found some awesome beads and ribbon. I love them.

  6. You found them!!! the colorful beads that Marcia blogs about and nobody knew where they came from!!!

  7. Anonymous9/25/2009

    great finds, how fun!

  8. Looks like you found some great stuff!

  9. Oooh, nice finds! I love Neal's Yard - they have the best peanut butter, among other things. I think the last time I went there was in 1991 - good to know they're still there.

  10. I was also at V.V. Rouleaux, and like you found the shopgirl to be less than friendly or helpful. Which was really uncommon in London, but htey do have the coolest stuff!! did you go downstairs too? SWOOON!


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