A Lynn Davis kind of day

My friend Lynn Davis sent me some goodies recently and I was able to put them into some jewelry over the weekend. I wanted to show you the outcome. This first piece is a necklace that I created around the glass Egg soldered pendant that Lynn made. The pendant is double sided which is so cool because you can wear it both ways. I dangled some charms off the bottom wire curve- A Humblebeads egg, a Green Girl Studios pewter bird charm, a wire wrapped brass tube and Kiwi jasper dangle, and a wire wrapped bright green chalcedony briolette.

Here is the reverse of the pendant- you can get a good view of the charms in this picture. The color is amazing. I love the look of the bright teal blue against the aged wood. I went out to my backyard, and Joe put a couple nails into my neighbor's fence so I could photograph against it. They are getting ready to rip the fence down to rebuild a new composite wood fence. I'll be a little sad to see this nice aged wood good. I might be able to ask them to save me a couple of boards.

The rest of the necklace is beaded with aqua glass beads, green glass briolettes, and white Panya nuts. I created a hook clasp using a fun vintage white and navy plastic button, and dangled a raku teal lampwork round from Blue Seraphim.

The second piece I used was one of Lynn's pewter wing connectors. This particular component is so versatile and looks great in necklaces but also looks great in a bracelet. I paired the wing with some twisted metal chain, and placed an asymmetrical cluster of beads - crystal quarts rounds, Faceted Labradorite, a Humblebeads disc bead in teal, an aqua pressed glass coin, and faceted Czech glass rondelles. A teensy taste of red in a small faceted ruby hides in the bunch too.

I dangled a tiny silver heart off of the wing, and created the hook clasp by hand-forging some steel wire.

I highly recommend Lynn's components if you are looking for something special and unique for your jewelry designs. Her pieces are well made, strong and durable and creative!! Check out Lynn's blog for more her thought processes behind the beads!


  1. Love the Lynn Davis pieces! I also love the colors, I've always loved turquoise and dark silver together! I don't think I've ever seen steel jewelry chain for sale...am I missing something? Have you ever had a problem with it rusting? Or do you put some sort of protective coating on it? Just curious. I've been reading about different metals lately.


  2. hey lisa, you know i dont think this is steel chain afterall. I think it might be brass, believe it or not. i got it from AD Adornments.
    I've never had a problem with it rusting.

  3. Lynn Davis really knows how to capture beauty...but come to think of it, you do too, Lorelei!

    I love what you did...and that wood does look great...I have a whole deck full of it. The trick is...not to do anything to it for about, oh, 12 years! Then you get that nice aged wood appearance.
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Great pieces! I love the way you photographed them, the texture of the wood is perfect with the jewelry.

  5. You were in a turquoise kinda mood. What a cool egg charm! Oh, and the wing is awesome! Your clasp on the wing bracelet is really interesting.

  6. Lorelei, I adore both pieces. The blue color. And especially using the wing to make a bracelet. Your mind is so free and creative, I can't get over how you combine things.

    Is there a such thing as a rustic sophisticate - I think your jewelry is just that!

  7. Wonderful! Love the colors. My favorites! Great photos, too! Especially, the second photo. :)

  8. Specially love the bracelet!

  9. Huh...it looks like steel! AD Adornments has some fab chain! I bought various sizes of steel wire a long time ago that I've been wanting to play around with for awhile now. I really need to stop buying new supplies and start playing with what I have, lol. Of course, now I want to go shopping for chain :)

  10. dang I'm loving these! Well, I'm a bit of turquoise color addict :)

  11. What a great theme necklace!

  12. Hi there! Just stopped by to say hi and see what you've been up to. I LOVE these blue pieces! The way you put things together makes me think it is destiny! Any other use of these pieces just wouldn't be as perfect! Nice!


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