New Bracelet

sept5 copy

Lampwork hollow: Kerry Bogart of Kabs Concepts
Ceramic cubes- Elaine Ray
Lampwork spacers- Studio Rent
Pewter rings- Green Girl Studios

I borrowed a wire working technique that I saw LeAnn try the other day. Of course, I switched it up a little and added my own touches. I just hung some darkened steel jumprings around the skinny part.
I love how this piece turned out. It's really different, and funky. Different from techniques I normally stick to.


  1. Hey girl! I think this might be one of my favorites. The soft blue and yellowish green color really look great with the steel. I love that hollow bead. How cool! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I love Kerry's hollow work...really I love all the components you picked. And your collages are so wonderful. Your pictures are so perfect. Great shot os you wearing the bracelent. Beautiful...but then again, I think that you are a true beauty so it can't help but show up in your art! Thanks for sharing your inspiration today! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. I don't know how but i saw this bracelet before you posted it (may be on your Etsy gallery) and i found it so lovely (but Leslie was the first to send a comment :))

    Love the "choc" between the color of the steel which is a little masculine, and the lightness of the focal transparent blue bead, which is so delicate.

    Your new links are beautiful too.

    Still admirative of your work Loreleï.

  4. lovely bracelet :o) the colors, the wire work, everything...

  5. Hey there. That looks fantastic. Nice change up on the technique! Great bracelet.

  6. Aren't Kerry's beads great?! Can't wait till her book is released.
    Your bracelet is lovely - great mixture of color, texture and metal.

  7. The lampwork hollow is stunning, and you did a wonderful job on the bracelet.

  8. Your work is just fabulous!! I get overwhelmed when I look at it. Some of that is wishing I had your talent!! :)

  9. Oh, Lorelei, I LOVE this bracelet!!!! It's stupendous!

  10. Mel Mel9/08/2009

    OMG!!! It just keeps gettin better and better. I think this one is brilliant.


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