Ring a Ling

...Happy Saturday!
I went to Michael's this morning to get some tissue paper and a few gift boxes to hold me over. That's really all that was on my list. But when I walked in and saw the completely revamped, restocked, reorganized, and FANTASTIC bead department, I couldn't help myself! Have you seen it!?? I think our bead section has been decent in the past but this new department, now called - the BEAD CORNER- is really cool. Lots and lots of new strands of semi-precious gemstones (good in a pinch) and several new lines of jewelry components. I picked up some really interesting chain, and also found these cool ring blanks. Came home and put together 2 rings to start.

The first one is a Blue Seraphim lampworked wavy disc behind a Vintage Burgundy button. Cool color combination, great for Fall. I wired the button and disc onto the blank with some inexpensive artist wire.

The second one is a Mamacita Beadworks Mum button wired onto top of a Vintage shell button. A neutral color combination but modern also with the mix of brass and pewter. These are really fun, I like them- and yes, they are going into the ol' jewelry shoparoonie.

They are big but not really oversized. A nice statement ring.